You may have seen the term “doomscrolling” thrown around the internet. Essentially, doomscrolling is repeatedly doing something even though you know it has a negative effect on yourself. It’s bad for us, but we can’t stop. More specifically, when people talk about doomscrolling, they’re referring to the habit of spending a lot of time looking …

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The Way Ron Works

This article, by Ron’s Wife, Mary Sue, was written back in 1955 and gives a very valuable insight into Ron’s life. It was first Posted some years back, but it is something to reflect on again. Many people have questioned me regarding Ron’s research and investigation into the human mind. The funny thing is that …

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These days, it is exceedingly difficult for people to figure out what the current situation truly is! Are they, their family, or friends likely to get the “virus”, what are the symptoms? They watch the news channels, read Social Media, and consult Google. This leaves many very distressed, down tone and anxious. Recently an associate …

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