If it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true….”

“What we seek is your intelligent participation and what we frown on is
your hypnotic never-inspection. And if you don’t inspect this stuff,
what’s it doing? It’s just going in as a lock on what you already have of
it. See, it’s an exploration of you as well as anything else and if you
just say, ‘Well, that’s the way it is because Ron says it is,’ why… It’s
either true or it isn’t, you see? And if it isn’t true for you, it isn’t

“If you just get the idea that you originated all that data, you’d have
the truth. See? It would be the truth. You didn’t originate the
phraseology or presentation or maybe the organization but you certainly
did originate this data one way or the other or you wouldn’t find yourself
living in this universe with these people.”

LRH, “Anatomy of Needles — Question and Answer Period”, 24 July
1958, from “The First Postulate” tape series, transcripts part 2, pages


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4 thoughts on “If it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true….””

  1. Yes the more you look the more you discover that there is an hypnotic response in the society to most things. This is one of the factors that allows for the huge number of lies that are told about LRH at this time to gain traction with others…a hypnotic response and little personal inspection.
    To illustrate my comment I was recently talking to a long time Scientologist who said he had discovered so much about LRH by reading various blogs etc. and had realized many many bad things about LRH (this guys is supposedly way up the bridge)
    I asked him that if he wanted to judge LRH why did he not do so from LRH writings and technical issues. I could get no sensible response….of course!

    1. @Hop Scotch – Man, I can definitely attest to the fact that so few people look, including (and perhaps especially) ex-Scientologists, former Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Churchies, Indies, normies, critics and pundits, and even so-called academic experts. I have found in my own researches on LRH that nearly every source has copied from previous ones, and until one drills down to the source material that one will find an alteration or mistake made or omission that led to the actual results – some intentional, some not.

      In doing so, this has really given me a new perspective not just on Hubbard but in history, journalism, science and a number of other subjects that people take for granted as true and correct when in fact they are merely copying – as beings tend to do. Yet everyone seems to think that they are not susceptible to it and that they think for themselves, are open-minded, etc. I can still fall into the trap of it as it’s never a done deal – no matter what level you’re at in auditing or life, you must be responsible 100% of the time to look for yourself at the situation.

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