What is an action definition?

Learning to think with the data of Scientology is essential to its application. We drill and drill on how to do something and wonder why we have to hammer away at this? But as LRH says:

“Number of times over brings about certainty”


Knowledge itself is certainty; knowledge is not data. Knowingness is certainty. Sanity is certainty, providing only that certainty does not fall beyond the conviction of another when he views it. To obtain a certainty one must be able to observe. “
Creation of Human Ability – Page 187.

So it must be done until we “own it”. The subject has to be “owned” by us until know down cold.

The reference below is vital to the future of Scientology application!

“And when you’re defining Scientology or you’re writing it down, please remember what I say on that. Give them as much of what you do to cause or cause an effect on this thing you’re defining in the definition as you can and still be brief… get an action definition. I do not know but what the concept of action definition is new – I don’t know this. It might not be, uh… but it… it certainly… it’s certainly something I’ve never before seen stressed in the field of philosophy.

Uh… what is an action definition? Action definition is something which gives the remedy, or which gives the method of use or construction. All right, you have to learn how to think in those terms by the way. You ought to have this stuff so that you can deliver it, so that you can remember it without any textbook or anything else, so you can put it all back together again.

This is essentially learning how to think with it. And it’s much more important to know how to think with it than it is to quote it. Very much more important, that’s why I seem to labor some points, and so forth. It’s… it’s just I want them punched up good and hard so that the evaluation line on the thing, if you… if you, all of a sudden one day, if you don’t know this… this subject well, all of a sudden one day you’ll be walking down the street and you, orienting, and all of a sudden whirr click, and the knowledge is yours and you’ve got it in mind and you can suddenly think with it and there’s no strain on it at all. And that’s… that’s just, after that, it’s very easy, very easy.”
PDC Lecture 14 – An excerpt from Page 13 of a Lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard on the 4. December 1952

And again on “Certainty” Ron says:

“Certainty is knowingness—knowing one knows—a state of beingness.”
LRH – PAB 29.

And:  “Certainty is clarity of observation” Creation of Human Ability – Page 190.

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