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This message was sent out nearly 40 years ago buy LRH. It is as true today as it was back then, in fact more so. Keep to the Source materials! Applying the Tech correctly keeps us from straying off down wrong roads and into blind alleys.

 “Some conceive they are in the toils of fate.

“But others, having achieved insight know that is not so….

“I cannot tell you to arrive at some high state.

“I cannot order you to be well or happy or affluent.

“I can only point out to you the route to what your innermost self desires….”

“It is you who choose or not to achieve a higher state.

“Standard ethics will keep you and your friends on the straight road.

“Standard policy will give you a powerful organization, expanding and prosperous.

“Standard tech will take you into states of beingness where nothing can strike you down.

“In this minute particle of time we have the opportunity to reverse the downward spiral of life.

“It is you who will avail yourself of it or not.

LRH, LRH ED 347 Int,  Ron’s Journal 36, “Your New Year”, 31 December 1982


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