Achieving Your Ideal Scene

So now let’s do a simple review of the ADMIN SCALE to ensure that you CAN and you DO achieve your IDEAL SCENE.

Although Ron gave us this Scale of items in their order of importance, by further study of LRH’s materials we have now discovered that the order in which these items are approached is also of crucial importance.

However, remember approach your Scale on a gradient – handle bit by bit – with emphasis is on agreement and alignment of items within the Scale:

“All these items in the scale must agree with all other items in the scale on the same subject. … When an item in the scale is not aligned with the other items, the project will be hindered if not fail.”

L Ron Hubbard – HCO PL 6 December 1970 – Third Dynamic De-Aberration

On each Program completion re-evaluate new Existing Scene, find next Major Departure and WHY; Plan and do new Program till the Existing and Ideal Scenes align.

The final result of your Admin Scale is reached when you have handled your Existing Scene, step by step, Program by Program, until it becomes your Ideal Scene.


Below you can see how the coordination of the Order of Importance and the Order of Approach are handled to bring all the items into agreement.


IDEAL SCENE visualized for ‘HAVE’ and
 Valuable Final Product decided on



Purposes – ‘DO’ needed for HAVE
Goal  ‘BE’ necessary to DO & HAVE
Existing Scene noting Out-Points
Major Departure from Ideal Scene
The ‘WHY’ = Reason for Departure
Policy written to assist Plan & Pgm
Plan to handle the WHY
Program to execute Plan
Projects to get Program steps done
  Target dates set for Project steps



Orders to execute Projects
Battle Plans can be written for   Projects


STATS recorded and operated on
When Program done &
WHY handled:
New Existing Scene
Spot the next
Major Departure from Ideal Scene
Find the New WHY
Draw up a new Plan and adjust Policy to handle the New WHY with new PGM, Projects, STATS etc
Re-evaluate and work the Admin Scale up and down UNTIL your


Is attained and your


Now you can choose a new

And start all over again!


So as we saw, Joe implemented his Plan and drew up his Program:


  1. Develop Communication to become efficient and effective on all communication lines. (Set Target Dates for each Pgm step)


Project:                                (Set Target Dates for each Project step)

  1. Do a Communications Course to improve handling of staff
  2. Implement effective Scheduling of workers
  3. Improve Supervision of workers with continual floor patrols
  4. Improve Computer Skills through evening classes
  5. Tighten up on Admin handling all paper work daily
  6. Handle all Customer queries promptly
  7. Run tight scheduling on production lines to meet delivery dates

2. Develop Planning Skills
to avoid and solve problems.

Projects would be written to increase skill for each of the following Program Steps. 

After completing all of his Projects, Joe achieved his Valuable Final Product for this Program which was:

‘Joe thoroughly familiar with all that goes on under his management; and the factory floor running really smoothly with great efficiency.’

But he realized his Existing Scene had not yet achieved his Ideal Scene because he was still not in a position to open his own Furniture Factory.

Joe also realized that he needed to amend his Policy designed to strengthen his Plus-Points and remove, prevent or handle his Out-Points.

Now after handling the first Major Departure from the Ideal Scene, then you should re-evaluate and upgrade the improved Existing Scene, find the next Major Departure and WHY and draw up new Plans etc.

So Joe re-evaluated his Existing Scene and spotted his next Major Departure and WHY was his lack of Executive skills.

Then he wrote a new Plan to develop his Business Management Skills and drew up a new Program to increase his skills in such things as Property, Finance, Budgeting, Promotion and Marketing

If you continue to work this wonderful tool by always re-evaluating your new Existing Scene after each Program completion, you certainly will achieve your Valuable Final Product

The Existing Scene will become totally aligned and in full agreement with the Ideal Scene and there will be NO Out-Points.

You will have fully handled your Existing Scene so that it has now become what you wanted … Your IDEAL SCENE.

You will have “Reached for the Stars”

And Achieved Your Valuable Final Product.

This is the last in this series of 5 Posts on the Admin Scale, we hope you have found them interesting and useful!

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