An Acknowledgement to LRH


For those of us who use the Philosophy and Technology of L Ron Hubbard on a daily basis we often tend to forget the sheer amount of information and techniques he has provided for us over the years. For most it is a way of life that we use and practice; which is as it should be. It is worth reflecting, however: “What would our lives be like without his Technology?” It is an interesting question to ask oneself and others … It is worth learning it well, so we own it, now, and in the many futures still to come!

Below is a random selection of quotes from Ron …

My own philosophy is that one should share  what  wisdom  one  has  and should help others to help themselves. I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself. The Goal of Training,” The Auditor 27

They  [people]  learn  to  keep  their mouths shut,  and  it’s the wrong lesson.  When  in  doubt,  talk.  When  in doubt,  communicate … you’ll  be very successful  all the way along the line if you just remember that. LRH – The Phoenix Lectures

Goodness and badness, beautifulness  and ugliness, are alike  considerations  and have  no  other  basis  than opinion. LRH Axiom 31, Axioms and Logics

Just to have Something To Do and a Reason to Do It exerts a control over life itself. If you have no purpose, you have  no  purchase  on  the  small  first particle necessary  to make the whole understandable. Thus, life can  become a terrible burden. The Problems Of Work

I discovered that the common denominator of existence was Survive. Whatever else man was trying to do, whether he was cultured or primitive, he was attempting to survive. Filmed Interview with L. Ron Hubbard,” The Auditor 23

There  could  be  no  purpose  worth contemplating which does not include happiness  and  experience.  When  a man  is  no  longer  able  to  envision happiness as a part of his future, that man is dead. – Dianetics ’55

Happiness  is  the  overcoming  of  not unknown  obstacles toward  a  known goal  and, transiently, the contemplation of or indulgence in pleasure. – Dianetics: The Modern Science Df Mental Health

If  you raise somebody’s affinity you will  raise  his  reality and communication.  If  you raise somebody’s reality, you’ll raise his affinity and communication. And the keynote of this triangle  happens  to  be  communication. Communication  is  more  important than either affinity or reality. -The Phoenix Lectures

That Man is selfish is a valid statement when  one  means an  aberrated  Man. That  Man  is  anti-social  is  an  equally valid  statement if one adds the modifier, aberration . Dianetlcs:  The Modern Science Of Mental Health

The  easiest  thing  a  thetan  does  is change  his  mind.  The  most difficult thing he  does  is  handle the environment  in which he  finds himself situated. – The Fundamentals Of Thought

If you would care to investigate savage cultures, of which I have investigated a few,  you would discover that it is ignorance itself, it is lack of wisdom in that community, which brings about terror, injustice, maltreatment, decay and  deterioration. Wisdom afloat in a culture makes the culture. -“The Goal of Training:’ The Auditor 27

As people descend the tone scale, they become  more  and  more  difficult to communicate  with  and  things  with which  they  will  agree,  become more and more solid. Thus, we have friendly discourse high on the scale and war at the bottom. Where the affinity level is hate,  the agreement  is  solid  matter , and the communication … bullets. – The Fundamentals Of Thought

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