In our last article we examined the vital need to fully understand the TONE SCALE and how it can be applied to our daily lives. Ron wrote an enormous amount of data on this subject so let us look at another aspect of how our tone level is affected in terms of the level of ARC we exhibit as we come face to face with various hurdles in the Game of Life

ARC AND THE TONE SCALE – An LRH lecture given on 4 November 1950

 “I don’t want to have to cover with you the whole theory back of communication, affinity and reality, but I do want to give you enough material so that you will be able to use it very adequately.

Here we have a triangle lying out flat. Above it is a second triangle lying out flat, then a third and a fourth. In other words, this is a stack of triangles. The left-hand corners are labeled ”communication,” the back corners are joined and labeled ”affinity,” and the right- hand ones are labeled ”reality.” We have these triangles in parallel, stacked one above the other, and thus we have as a tone scale.”

 “A tone scale is a series of triangles, not a series of lines, and we find out that we move from the plane of one triangle to the plane of the next.”

You have probably often been faced with strange reactions both in yourself and in others where you have been getting along famously and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and you fall into a loss on how to handle or repair the sudden break in Affinity.

But with the following method you can reverse the flow so that you both can win:

“Now, here is the reverse of a sudden break in affinity. A person is mildly perturbed about people around him, his job and so on. He doesn’t know he is getting along well. Then somebody comes along and tells him that he has just gotten voted as the most popular guy in the place. He wants to believe it but it has got to be confirmed a little bit more. Then he finds out this is true, and his affinity level and his survival potential will go way up.

If you run enough fear locks out of a person, the first thing you know, the person’s sense of reality will start to heighten, not only because you have communicated with the past by getting this fear, but also because any time you start to lift one corner of this triangle the others follow.

You will be able to predict that by looking at this series of triangles.

What happens when you break affinity with somebody after he has done something you don’t think is right? First there is boredom, then you start to get angry with him, then you break communication and say ”I don’t want to talk to this guy.” …

”We can call reality agreement. As long as agreement exists, affinity exists and communication exists. When agreement doesn’t exist, affinity starts to break down, communication starts to break down into zone 1, and we have two different realities which clash. In other words, any one of these things that goes down finds the other two being lowered.”

So here is a tool to handle this too:

“So we get disagreement. That doesn’t mean that people working together have to agree with each other all the time. In a group of people working together, each one possesses his own set of data and can contribute his experience to the group. He doesn’t have to agree with the group, because his data may be entirely different. That group, therefore, which makes it possible for these various sets of data to be used by the whole group, will stay in solid agreement, and it has great reality as a group. It will knit together and become possessed of a high level of affinity in the group, because it is communicating as a group.

You can use these things. You certainly can. …

The toughest thing is when you get down on an apathy level. If everybody disagrees with one person long enough and hard enough, after a while this person is going to start down scale. He can’t help it. Then the group is going to start down with regard to him, and he will sink into apathy after a while.

To start with he is perfectly cheerful. He’s agreeable. You come in and say, “Let’s go to the show tonight.” He doesn’t much want to go to the show, but he’ll go. He drops down scale and you say “Have a cigarette.” He wants a cigarette but he says “No.” He is just disagreeing. Then he drops further and you say “Here is your pay check.” He replies angrily “What do you mean bringing this pay check in here?” His agreement is way down. In other words, something has broken affinity and his communication goes down. After a while you can’t get this person to talk. He won’t agree with anything, neither will he disagree. His level of reality is way down in apathy. He is making no action to agree or disagree. He isn’t communicating, and as far as caring about anything is concerned, he doesn’t.

A man’s sense of reality about himself can be bad, too. Here you have the mind with regard to the matter which it is controlling. A mind can become separated in such wide disagreement … that you get a disassociation. That is what people do when they start going down the scale. … He is no longer fully in control. …

What happens to the person with regard to himself? Robert Louis Stevenson once said that the greatest lesson a man should learn is how to be a friend to himself.”           LRH.

And they say “Charity starts at home” so by working on it we can make it possible for everyone to win! That is a great lesson indeed!     As long as it’s not to the detriment of others!

Beware of Selfish Determinism…            

“Selfish determinism: is acting in the guise of self-determinism. Here is an individual who will most certainly be overwhelmed. To enjoy life one must be some part of life. One cannot play the game of life without consideration for the other seven dynamics.”     Tech Dictionary

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