Alina Dmitry

Find a Purpose

What do you do when you’ve lost your purpose (or never had one to begin with)? Too often these days we hear the words … “life seems purposeless … I have lost my purpose … life is a grind and has no purpose”.  Unfortunately, without purpose people withdraw into their problems, MEST, and especially electronics …

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Wrong Items

A friend was recently discussing people and their behaviour when it came to looking after themselves. She mentioned that a doctor associate of hers had told her about the increasing number of people who were visiting the practice as, what she called, “Google Patients”. These were people who “knew just what was wrong with them” …

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Deliver What is Promised

Delivering what is promised is extremely important on a personal level. Daily we experience…. “I will call you right back…promise”, “I will send you the email as soon as I get back to the office”… “Will pay you today… I promise”, and so on.  It is disastrous in the business or organizational world, but just …

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