Alina Dmitry

Our Responsibility

How often are we told; “it is your responsibility …, Billy you must learn to be more responsible …, YOU are responsible …, Nothing to do with me, she is responsible…” – and so it goes on! Responsibility as a subject is much bandied around, without people really being able to understand it or practice …

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This is a subject that is really worth reviewing from time to time. On the 18 February 1952 LRH gave a lecture: THE CODE OF HONOUR  EXPLAINED. It has been with us for nearly 70 years now. But discussing it with people it seems that by and large it is not truly understood as LRH …

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Are You Feeling Frustrated

As a result of the many restrictions imposed on us recently we have been forced unusual living conditions.. Such limitations on one’s personal freedom can lead to irritated frustration and petty ARC Breaks over small insignificant things. But sadly: ARC Break means, “The assignment of responsibility for a sudden drop in Affinity, Reality or Communication.” …

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