Good Leadership

Good Leadership in todays World is not often seen! Some very common-sense comments by LRH on the subject! In order to get his job done, an executive must be someone from whom others are willing to take orders. The first test any follower of a leader requires the leader to meet is competence. Does the … Read more

Rewarding Non-Production

If you reward non-production, you get non-production. How often do we see these types of headlines? “Allegations have emerged that the member of a mayoral committee (MMC) for finance was “enriching his friend” by facilitating access to lucrative tenders”. It appears that virtually everywhere we look someone is out to get something for nothing …… … Read more

The Secrets behind Intention

Throughout our lives, we have all kinds of good intentions but all too often we don’t achieve what we originally intended, so let us look at why this occurs. “Intention is the command… Verbalization is not the intention. The intention is the carrier wave which takes the verbalization along with it.” (Abil 270) So what … Read more


Something to think about at this time of the Year! All too often we allow petty little things to upset us. We are often too ready to think that the upset came from another source and fail to look at our own cause. But the hard, cold truth of the matter is that no one … Read more