Evaluate Relative Importance

This a simple example of one of the greatest problems people face! Making decisions… but not just making a decision but a decision based on “Relative Importance’. In school and university information is drummed into us and not clearly evaluated in terms of its relative importance, one fact to another. As Ron says below … … Read more

The Attention Economy

  The content of this weeks Post is not an LRH Article but it is very much aligned with his Tech and Philosophy. Came across this the other day. It is quite an eye-opener, and gives a good idea how the Suppressives  are operating… The Attention Economy Because of rising stress, more and more of … Read more

Why Confront?

  That which a person can confront they can handle   Confronting is a tricky thing. We have covered it from the Auditing perspective. All that LRH said about Auditing and TR’s still applies in general life and livingness. To create an effect, to produce a product, to live life you have to confront. There … Read more

Who Am I Today?

There is a huge amount of information in Scientology on the subject of VALENCES. What is a “Valence”? Essentially per the Technical Dictionary a valence is defined as: “A valence is an identity complete with bank mass or mental image picture mass of somebody other than the identity selected by oneself. In other words, what … Read more