When you give a child something

  With the season of Christmas again upon us and the tradition of gift giving,  the words of LRH below need to be well heeded, especially regarding our children. Those who are or have been Auditors may well recall the upsets a preclear has experienced when the rules below are violated! “When you give a … Read more

Our True Selves

There is a huge amount of information in Scientology on the subject of VALENCES. What is a “Valence”? Essentially per the Technical Dictionary a valence is defined as: “A valence is an identity complete with bank mass or mental image picture mass of somebody other than the identity selected by oneself. In other words, what … Read more


In the world today (circa 2022) individuals cannot call themselves free from economic and political constraints or the demands of just survival in a locked down environment. As LRH states below “The only thing that can trap a thetan is his attention.” Those of you who have audited others or yourselves will know how real … Read more

The Deterioration of Liberty

  Has World War 3 started, and nobody noticed? The deterioration in freedom is very insidious. If there was ever a time to get the Tech studied, it is now. With Christmas breaks coming up the opportunities are there to Drill and Study. Knowing the Tech will protect you, Not necessarily the body, but You … Read more