Tools for Life – Taking Control

As we said in our last Post we have the technology to change our lives and the lives of others using the Technology of Scientology that LRH has given us. Someone the other day said to me that he does not “believe” in the Tech of Scientology any more than he believes in Physics or … Read more

The Fourth Dynamic – Mankind

The fourth dynamic—is the urge toward existence as mankind. Whereas … a race would be considered a third dynamic, all the races would be considered the fourth dynamic. This can be called the mankind dynamic. LRH Technical Dictionary definition (Mankind refers to the human species, Homo sapiens, collectively.)  Earth is not a happy place when … Read more


Now here is a subject that truly receives much attention and is forever seems to be discussed, written about, speculated upon, loved and avoided by people generally. Have you ever wondered what the origins of marriage are? Doing some research on marriage; evidence suggests that…  “it is about 4,350 years old. For thousands of years … Read more