Bring Order

The keynote of handling any area is to bring order. Every time you put some order into a pc or a group or society, a little confusion blows off. Ignore the confusion. It is transitory. Order is not. It stays. Therefore the more order (not necessarily the more activity) you put into things the more continuance you have.

“This is new data, extremely important and should be carefully gone over again and again and applied. It is data that brings big wins in society, in a group or a pc. Bring a little order. Get the pc to see that he can bring order into his affairs. Ak him bluntly, “What order could you bring into your life?” And his case will start resolving.

The highest ability of a thetan is to bring order. Therefore, orderly processing brings results, disorderly processing does not. All an ARC break is, is a disorder.

“What order, then, can a trained auditor bring to his area? Into his own life? Into his pc’s? Into his group? That is the question worth answering.

“The confusion that flies off when the order is entered in seems so important to many orders that they Q-and-A with it. They stop pursuing order and start pursuing confusion. Never change from order to disorder just because confusion blows off. Let the confusion go. if you want it all gone, put more order into it. That’s why CCH works when properly used.

“An auditor who just starts a group blows some disorder out of a society. The disorder flies into view. Ignore it. Just put some more well-run, exactly scheduled group there. More disorder discharges. Order put in too suddenly always discharges disorder too fast. That’s an explosion. You don’t want that. Leave explosions to the government (its highest level of entering order is to blow everything up).

“Here’s a program. Get hold of all the people you have processed in the area you are in. Give them an interview. In it, as each one, “What order are you trying to bring into your life?” “What part of  your life?” Tell them that’s what Scientology is trying to help them do. You’ll have more pcs. Weld them into a group. Give them some Group Processing  Tone 40. Bring order into their lives.

“Take responsibility for every pc’s whole life. Take responsibility for all the reactive banks in your area. Clean them up by bringing more order.” LRH HCOB 6 January 1959 FIELD ACTIVITIES

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