Can we Live without Sensation?

Sensation is part of life. At the upper end of the Tone Scale sensations can be uplifting, exhilarating, exciting … However below 2.0 on the Tone Scale sensation can be a real trap as anyone who has given or received Dianetic auditing has discovered; drawing a Being more and more into the body. It is a fascinating subject that can lead a Being up and out or down and trapped! 

“Well, if you’re going to live a life without sensation, feeling, communication, ARC, understanding and a few other minor quantities, why live? … because the things I’ve named are the pay you get for living; and there’s no other pay.

“The pay is communication, sensation, ARC, understanding, cooperative endeavor, enthusiasm over goals, activity; the feeling one is going someplace and doing something. These are the only payments that can be made to anyone for living. There are some things that try and substitute for them: mink coats, Cadillacs, and big bank accounts. Person says, ‘Well, if I could just make a couple of million, then I would’ve been paid for it.’ Well, you and I know the answer to that. We see some of these fellows that slaved through it for 20-25-30 years, let everything go by the boards but that first couple million, or something like that, and there they sit in the preclear’s chair with ulcers. They were paid, apparently; they were apparently paid; paid in cash—but they weren’t paid in communication, sensation, understanding, feeling of a job well done, ARC. These payments they didn’t get, and it made them sick! So there is something real about living, and that something real is life. Not MEST, although MEST is a good substitute for reality.

“Now, the funny part of it is, that if you can get paid in the commodities which I have just mentioned, you usually get paid in cash, too; and there’s certainly nothing wrong in having a few hogsheads full of cash.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Now as a person moves out of the clutches of MEST he becomes more and more free …

“And really the most valuable thing a thetan possesses is his spirit of play. His spirit of play is sensation of play and is not just energy….

“And as you bail up out of it, you’ll find out, all of a sudden, that the universe starts surrendering to a spirit of play and that one of the spirits of play is ‘let’s pretend’. And ‘let’s pretend is a very important thing, because of course it’s a pretense and it couldn’t be anything else but pretend….

“There’s nothing succeeds like insouciance *. Plain flippancy * will actually get more done in less time than anything else you can name”.
LRH PDC Lecture ‘Flows: Characteristics Of’. (*insouciance: lack of concern, indifference. flippancy: not showing a serious or respectful attitude).

However, without a route, bridge or path to follow and a technology to actually free a being, beings get caught up in the sensation delivered by bodies which provide tremendous sensation and a big emotional bang …

The cells themselves have a life and you want to know why this body is capable of holding a thetan.  Well, it didn’t want one, it didn’t need one and its – the thetan, unfortunately, found out somewhere on the track that you could get a tremendous amount of sensation from the body. He could put a tractor wave out there – communication line into a body – and get a tremendous sensation.  There was a big emotional bang.

“And this was something for which he wasn’t responsible, so therefore he could enjoy it.  It’s said that, by preclears who run this first contact with a body, you get uniformly rather the same story: that right before the contact with a body the thetan is two hundred feet tall or something like that — he feels that big, he’s very expansive — and right after he contacts this body, he goes down in size; he feels very small ….

“He came there for sensation.  And he got it!  Then after a while he couldn’t go away anymore.  And body by body by body, because of the postulate he’s made, then body by body he is consistently and continually running — first, he is unable to obtain much sensation from this body except maybe the sensation of action.  And then later on, why is it at the age of twelve, thirteen, right after a child becomes aware of sexual sensations and so forth, we get such a marked change in a being?  You go on this E-Meter and you’ll find out when people’s lives went mad.

“Well, the postulates keyed in, he started to pick up sensation and the second he did that, he started to pull in ridges on himself and he started down the same cycle; the thetan started down the same cycle as the GE.  He started going right down, down the line, not intelligently building a body anymore, really, than the GE did.  The thetan just simply starts in, starts picking up MEST.” 
LRH, “The Track of the Thetan / GE — Space / Time”, Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture of 3 Dec 52, from Research and Discovery Series volume XIII, pages 186-188

Then looking deeper into the subject of sensation we find …

In truth, all sensation which he believes to come from these masses of illusory energy known as the MEST universe, are first implanted through agreement upon what he is to perceive and then perceived again by himself, with the step hidden that he has extended his own sensation to be felt and perceived by himself.  He is fully convinced that the MEST universe itself has sensation which it can deliver to him, whereas all the MEST universe has is an enforced agreement which though of no substance, yet by a gradient scale came to be an illusion which seems very masterful to a preclear.”
LRH, Scientology 8-8008 [1953], pages 149-150



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