“True recovery of one’s beingness goes along with one’s realization that he has been the cause of any difficulty he has ever had. And that’s and awful tough bullet. That’s so tough”.   LRH

If you feel persecuted, harassed or attacked, find out your condition on your 1st Dynamic and handle the hell out of it; because it is YOUR condition.

Only by violating your Personal Integrity can you possibly go to the effect of anyone or anything.

It is YOUR choice.

You CAN control your own life and destiny.

You can if you keep your Personal Integrity in and keep as well your basic kind attitude towards your fellow beings. Do not surrender to hate and other bad emotions.  Just don’t.

When you assign others or anything the Cause of your difficulties, your state of affairs or emotions, you assign that entity power over your life. One becomes a puppet capable of being controlled by other-determinisms.

Why do that to yourself?


”… The second he blames something else, he says “That thing is cause.” It becomes more powerful than himself.  It occludes and it can thereafter affect him forcefully because the memory of it is not handle-able by himself anymore. …

blame and regret are highly aberrative.  “Blame” is the artificial or arbitrary election of cause. It’s the introduction of an arbitrary cause….

… he is not accepting the fact that he caused something for which he can be blamed.  He has to be able to accept cause, regardless of what happens to the other person”.
Thought emotion & effort – lecture 7 cause & effect: full responsibility – band 7  – p158


“… any and all rationalisation becomes an assignment of cause….

The second you blame a memory and say that it is cause, you immediately and automatically negate your responsibility over it and you’re not able to handle it and it will become a psychosomatic illness.”.
Thought emotion & effort – lecture 7 cause & effect: full responsibility – band 8 – p159



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