A must listen to lecture by LRH.

“But existence is basically composed of a very few truths onto which have hung a great many artificialities and which man has adorned with enormous numbers of lies.

And man is prisoner of his own shadows. “Now one of the things you can do with man is to get him to look up and find out that he can look through the shadows and look at the shadows and find out what they are.” — L. Ron Hubbard, Confront From Ron’s “Open Evening” lectures

Here is his Classic on how to rip through the shadows and lies that dim ones life. How and why do people get sucked into the MEST universe, buried in problems and false solutions.

Or in Ron’s own words, “…basically, I’m talking about how an individual prevents himself from confronting something.”

Here is data you literally can’t live without. Simplicity itself and laid out by Ron so you can follow his path to being cause across your dynamics.

Learn: What happens when a person goes unconscious? What drugs do to a person when used to cover up an injury? And specifically, why they make it so much harder to handle the actual injury.

How can you immediately reduce the effects of radiation burns? How to deliver a touch assist to heal a sprained ankle or any injury.

How does a criminal become a criminal?

How is it that most people are actually below the level of stupidity?

L. Ron Hubbard, Confront From Ron’s “Open Evening” Lecture- Given on 23rd June 1960

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