People continually have to make decisions about the present, their future, what color of shirt or dress to ware today! Many just amble along where life might take them …

Scientology Tech has many tools that can be used to assist in the making of the most optimum decision … Here are a few examples …

  • “Is it the greatest good across the greater number of Dynamics …?
  • A correctly done Admin (Administration) Scale
  • An evaluation of past statistics and where they got a person. (The Data Evaluators Course is a MUST for survival in this (or any other Universe)
  • Use of the Doubt Formula helps to evaluate the alternatives and to enable you to evaluate the most pro-survival or optimum course of action to take.

Any future planned is better than no future, any goal set is better than no goal, for as Ron says …

“A man without future goals is a worried and sick man.

“The reason an individual cannot approach a future goal or even strongly postulate one lies in his inability to resolve the present or make a decision in the past….

“The future is always full of traps.  Where would we ever get randomity and adventure if it were not?  It is a matter of facing the future confident and unafraid despite obstacles that distinguishes the superior being.  The blunt question about how the preclear actually feels about dying tests his condition.  If he does not care, he is a fool.  If he doesn’t want it but isn’t afraid of it, he will do.”
LRH, Advanced Procedure and Axioms, pages 105-106

 An interesting dinnertime question can be to go around the people there and ask the question: “How do you actually feel about dying?” You will get some amazing answers, especially asked of a non-scientology group!

We have all experienced indecisiveness at one time or another in our lives, have we not? Once a decision is made, even though it might not be the best decision, we usually come up tone having made it, provided it is a decision that can be put into effect! As Ron says… 

“Unaberrated conduct to a marked degree is the making of decisions which can be put into effect as opposed to making decisions which cannot be put into effect….
LRH, “The Tone Scale of Decisions” [1952], from Scientology 0-8, page 133

The power of decision is actually the power of sanity. And just as you can run away and then become afraid, as well as become afraid and then run away (it works both ways, you see: you can become afraid and then run away or you can just run away, and by the action of running away become afraid, because you’re dramatizing being afraid, so you will agreeably become emotionally afraid), so it can work that simply by being decisive, you come way up tone scale. You just artificially get decisive. You come up tone scale. In other words, don’t look at this – don’t look at this now as “The only method of being decisive is to come up tone scale and then be decisive.” No, there’s another method. And that is get decisive and come up tone scale.” L. Ron Hubbard From the taped lecture Decision of 20 May 1952

“The first item in the ideal state is I AM. Shakespeare was quite correct with his question, ‘To be or not to be?’ When a man is trying to make a decision, that decision breaks down into a matter of choosing one of two courses: TO BE or NOT TO BE. The highest level of the desirable state is I AM. No doubts of the advisability of being, no qualms about the future. The lowest level on a survival course would be I AM NOT. In between we have the doubts and writhing and indecisions of the weary, the angry, the frightened. When a man has made up his mind as to a course, he is only then comfortable. So long as he hangs in a ‘maybe’ on any decision, he is uncomfortable. In any course, there are just two decisions possible: To assume a STATE OF BEINGNESS or to assume a STATE OF NOT-BEINGNESS.”
L. Ron Hubbard – Excerpted from the book Handbook for Preclears. This quote can be found on page 19.

 On the lighter side …

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