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As Scientologists many of us are familiar with the three Scientology principles of ethics, tech and admin as stated by LRH below. However, let’s take a look at this in terms of the society we live in! People wonder why their business, job or group is failing! The manager demands that his staff work harder, cut back on lunch times and work overtime, but  the stats don’t change, moral drops and the stats drop further.

An Evaluation of the situation reveals that staff arrive late, play on their mobile phones and are not managed very well at all etc. The manager himself is often not at the office as he is busy with other activities. Head Office send in a new manager who immediately duplicates the situation and realizes that Ethics in the group is way out. This can only be handled by him if he understands the situation revealed through the Evaluation that has been done and then uses ARC and KRC to resolve the situations presented, effectively and speedily.

Now with happy in-ethics staff it is easy for him to get in the Technology and Administration lines of the company. Stats will rise!

When we look at the world and society today, we realize how the Three Principals below can be applied far and wide!

“The three principal zones in a Scientology org are:

    1. Ethics
    2. Tech
    3. Admin

We have the natural laws of these subjects, each one.

If you can get in ethics, you can get in Scientology technology. If you can get in Scientology technology, you can get in admin. If you can get all three in, you have an org and have expansion.

If you can’t get in tech, ethics is out. If you can’t get in admin, both tech and ethics are out.

The sequence of things that have to be “gotten in” to make an org is 1st ethics, 2nd tech, 3rd admin.

Where one of these goes out, the org contracts.

We have these three sciences. To really handle things, one has to be a master of all three, even to live a good personal life.

By “get in” we mean get it applied and effective.

We live in a very woggy world at this time. The wog is SO out-ethics he is living in what amounts to a criminal society.”
(Wikipedia – Wog is a slang word in the idiom of Australian English and British English. Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard defined wog as a “common, everyday garden-variety humanoid … He ‘is’ a body. [He] doesn’t know he’s there).

“When we try to get tech in on the planet we run into the out-ethics areas and this is the real source of our troubles where we have any. We are getting in tech before we get in ethics. It can be done (obviously, since we are doing it). But it is a heavy strain at best. Just because we do not at once get ethics in on the planet does not mean we can’t get any tech in.

By handling small sectors, beginning with self and Scientology groups and orgs, we can continue to repeat the cycles of three – ethics, tech, admin. Gradually we enlarge the numbers we have and gradually our sphere of ethics – tech – admin expands. And we one day have ethics in on the planet, tech in on the planet. admin in on the planet.”
LRH – HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 OCTOBER 1967 – Ethics – Admin Know-How Series 16


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