Finding the Opportunities in Problems

Now is not the time to become the effect of the problems we face in the World generally and specifically regarding “Lockdown”,  but to find opportunities; for the world is changing and unlikely to be the same again and whatever it is going to be, we need to confront it and not be the effect of it!

As LRH says…

“That which a person can confront, he can handle.

“The first step of handling anything is gaining the ability to face it…

“We are looking here at the basic anatomy of all problems.  Problems start with an inability to confront anything.”
LRH, “A New Slant on Life”, page 57

Here are some further quotes from LRH on the subject of problems …

“Man, or any life form in this universe seems to love problems.  A problem is more important than freedom.  Problems keep up interest.

“When a man has a problem very thoroughly and can’t solve it, he really has too few problems.  He needs more.

“The insanity amongst the idle is a matter of problem scarcity…

“If a man had all the attention in the world, he would be unhappy.  If he had all the identities possible, he would still be unhappy.  If he could blow up Earth or create any other huge effect he wanted (without limit) he would be miserable (or as insane).  If he could own everything everywhere, he would be dulled to apathy.  Or so it seems.  For these conditions of existence are all subordinate to the need for problems, by current Scientology reasoning and results…

“Probably the problem is the antidote to unconsciousness.  It is certainly the antidote to boredom.”
LRH, “Fundamentals of Thought”, pages 35-36

“He hasn’t realized, for instance, that the physical universe is there to create problems and life is there to solve them. So, when a person is creating problems, he is, just to that degree that he is creating problems, enmeshed with the physical universe. …
 L. Ron Hubbard   Excerpted from the lecture “Procedure 30: Step I, Opening Procedure by Duplication”


“Time is a process of knowing in the present and not-knowing in the future” and “ not-knowing the future is being without goals.”

So, it’s time to confront what is occurring now, evaluate it well, find things that CAN be done, and then get busy dedicatedly working towards new goals set for the future.




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