Fixated on the body

“Many people are mainly fixated on the body and living as they do in an intensely materialistic society, they are caught between being a body in the workaday world and achieving spiritual freedom. This is of course paradoxical. The game of being a body is the only game they have in their eyes. Thus if something is wrong with their body they manifest having heavy problems and they are anxious at the thought of losing a body: in other words they have a hidden standard of body health as their measure of spiritual attainment which, though illogical, is where they are and what they are doing.”

LRH, HCOB 30 July 1973, “Scientology, Current State of the Subject and Materials”, Technical Bulletins volume X, page 509


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1 thought on “Fixated on the body”

  1. Wow what a post .!!! ……I do that all the time even on a day to day basis when I feel unwell physcally..
    thank you for the data !!


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