The concept of freedom has been pursued by Beings for many, many eons. Ask most people what their idea of freedom is and you will get answers such as: “Freedom from economic constraints, freedom to do as I please, freedom from ill health, etc. etc.”

In Scientology we have various triangles that are tools used to handle various aspects of life. Freedom is another fascinating Triangle as LRH explains below…

Oddly enough, in games there is a singular triangle: it’s freedom, barriers, and purposes.  You increase somebody’s freedom; you increase his barriers and purposes.  You increase his barriers, you increase his freedom and purposes.  You increase his purposes, and you increase his freedom and barriers.  And that’s the wildest-looking thing you ever studied.

And I’m going to have to ask you to look that over and find enough examples to satisfy yourself that interrelationship does exist, because it looks absolutely mad that if we put a nine-o’clock curfew on the streets of this city, that people would have more freedom.  See, you’ll just have to walk your way through the morass of it, because it’s true.  It’s the wildest thing you ever saw.

Now, it’s only when somebody unbalances this triangle violently that we have trouble, exclamation point!  Real trouble. An individual has no purpose.  There he goes!  He won’t have freedom or  barriers.  No purpose: no freedom, no barriers.  .  .  .

We have all noticed how violently people will react when one of those points are unbalanced … cut back people’s freedom to just about zero, we get riots and revolution.

Now, you can assign purpose to life, and if you don’t, nobody will. Purpose has to be assigned to life because it is purposeless.  There isn’t any purpose to life at all.

This triangle can be used to help people. Give a person who is sitting with a failed purpose or purposes that they can work with and amazing things will happen with them!

When you can swallow that bitter pill, you can live.  But to swallow it requires that you conceive a static.  Thetan native state – no purpose. But it is a solvable thing.  It’s solvable.  Just invent a problem of comparable magnitude to anything; invent some games.  Raise the whole trio here – raise those three corners at once: freedom, barriers, and purposes.
LRH, Scientology 8-8008, page 109

“The MEST universe is terrifically interested in control. The theta universe is interested in freedom. It’s interested in aesthetics; it’s interested in creativeness. Your MEST universe is chaos.

“The theta universe is very orderly. It has extra dimensions. And what you miss in the MEST universe is an ability merely to throw out your hand and have some aesthetic creation come into being. That’s theta universe. In the MEST universe you build and build and build and you make this great set very fancy, with great *ardure, in a battle of gravity and conquering forces and so on. …

“Well, that’s the difference. So. what you miss—what your theta beingness misses, is that aesthetic ability to create—to create at will.”

From ‘Your sensation about living.’ An article by L. Ron Hubbard from R&D Volume 11
(*ardure: a coined word meaning strong effort; hard work to accomplish or achieve. Formed from the word arduous, delivered from Latin ardu-us, which means “high, steep, difficult).”

And in closing LRH reminds us of this rather important thing …

“And you don’t have to go to heaven or to hell if you don’t want to. You can be entirely free to go anywhere.  And you can be immortal and yet have your body, your family, your friends.

“We are extending to you the precious gift of freedom and immortality – factually, honestly.

“You are a spirit.  You are your own soul.  You are not mortal.  You can be free.”
LRH, “The Golden Dawn”, 1954 Anatomy of Cause”





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