“The MEST universe is terrifically interested in control. The theta universe is interested in freedom. It’s interested in aesthetics; it’s interested in creativeness. Your MEST universe is chaos.

“The theta universe is very orderly. It has extra dimensions. And what you miss in the MEST universe is an ability merely to throw out your hand and have some aesthetic creation come into being. That’s theta universe. In the MEST universe you build and build and build and you make this great set very fancy, with great ardure, in a battle of gravity and conquering forces and so on. …

“Well, that’s the difference. So what you miss—what your theta beingness misses, is that aesthetic ability to create—to create at will.”

*ardure: a coined word meaning strong effort; hard work to accomplish or achieve. Formed from the word arduous, delivered from Latin ardu-us, which means “high, steep, difficult.” From ‘Your sensation about living.’

An article by L. Ron Hubbard from R&D Volume 11

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4 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. It’s so good to just read some of LRH’s early work. Knowing his work made a huge difference to my life and I thank you for it. Well done to those publishing this blog.

  2. Firstly, thank you for creating this blog and for reminding us of the incredible philosophy that LRH researched and made available for us.

    Also, I actually missed the “Back-in-comm” Blog when it ceased, and also the feeling of comradeship that it created amongst us.

    But more importantly, I feel it’s important for us theta guys to stay in comm with LRH’s data in its pure and original form.
    There has been far too much alter-is of the tech over the last few decades.

    So I would like to invite all who see this blog to tell your friends about it so that we can get some active comm lines going between us again and build a stronger group of thetans who are dedicated to enhance those around us.
    It will be great when there is more interaction occurring.

  3. I agree. And it would be good to hear some news of what is being achieved as part of the Free-zone Scientologists.

    I for one, have never ceased to apply what I learned while studying the tech while part of the Church’s activities.

    As an HR of a large company I have found the Ethics Tech absolutely invaluable especially with regard to ensuring proper Hatting occurs so that the staff really understand what was needed and wanted from them.

    “Hatting = Control” for sure!

    And what’s more, Ethics is very definitely a personal enlightenment process – can never be put in by force – definitely not to be used as a punishment or as an other-determined ‘Control’ mechanism – it can only applied by increasing the responsibility level of the individual and used on his own self-determined “Power of Choice”.

    It is such a joy to be free to be able to apply this philosophy as LRH original intended without the limiting effects of the Church as it operates now.

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