How Serious are You?

How often have you been told how serious life is? “Jonny you must be serious about your work!” “Grow up and be responsible, life is a serious matter”. In the segment below Ron makes a very sensible statement –

As long as life has the level of being a game, you can play it. But when it no longer has the level of being a game, it plays you“.

As people grow older they do tend to take life much more seriously. The two images above were chosen because they contrast a very serious looking elderly man and about a 100 year old woman who looks like she has kind of enjoyed life and is not all that serious about coming to the end of (her bodies) life!

“You take somebody who considers things in a very serious light. This person will take responsibility, but he won’t execute it. In other words, his level of taking hold of responsibility, his ability to handle responsibility, is very poor, even when he says he’s a very ‘responsible’ fellow. You see, he considers it too serious. …

“Most anybody who’s getting anything done really knows that it’s not blood, it’s a game. And as long as they know it’s a game … You ever see a college football team down there? They start hitting the line, they get broken legs and they grit their teeth and they’re in there to do and die for dear old—their employers—but it’s a game and that’s important. As long as life has the level of being a game, you can play it. But when it no longer has the level of being a game, it plays you.”
L. Ron Hubbard       Excerpted from the lecture Dead Men’s Goals, Part II delivered on 10 December 1951.

“The surest way to get nowhere in life is to be serious about it!” – LRH
Read the rest of the lecture excerpt on page 335 in R&D volume 11.

Then we have the subject of death, which should be taken kind of seriously … should it not? Well Ron has a different view on this!

“The subject of death is never a very serious one to a Scientologist beyond the fact that he feeIs kind of sorry for himself sometimes. There was somebody of such terrific élan*, (*If you say that someone does something with élan, you mean that they do it in an energetic and confident way), who made him real happy and this person was thoughtless enough to dispose of the mock-up and go out of communication and the Scientologist feels unhappy about it, for it is a thoughtless thing for a friend to do. This, by the way, is a very early concept of death. You now more or less progress back to death as it was regarded very early on this particular track in this universe. People didn’t regard it very seriously.”
“DEATH” Edited from L. Ron Hubbard’s 12th lecture to the 18th American Advanced Clinical Course in Washington, D.C., on 30 July 1957

Many people confuse being flippant and un-serious with “not taking proper responsibility”. As Ron says below …

“They are also effective in inverse ratio to their seriousness”.

“How serious is it that you live?  Well, if you’re going to die, it becomes very serious that you live — becomes serious business.  And a person, actually, is situated on the Tone Scale to the degree that they are serious about living.  They are also effective in inverse ratio to their seriousness.  You can show me any person who is taking it very, very seriously and I’ll show you a long chain of failures.  A person gets most serious about living when he is dying.”
LRH, “Thought, Emotion, Effort and the Overt Act”, 9 March 1952, from “The Dawn of Immortality” tape transcripts part 2, page 89

“As you got down to the flows, dispersals and ridges low on the Tone Scale toward zero, you had an awful lot of matter for a very small amount of space.  And when you went up scale, you found out that you had little matter for lots of space….

“… a person should have quite a bit of space for his havingness.  And if he has a lot of space for his havingness, why, his time is fluid and he’s light….

“… it takes lots of space and lots of unseriousness to win.”
LRH, “Flows: Characteristics of”, Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture of 9 Dec 52, from Research and Discovery Series volume XIII, pages 583-593.


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5 thoughts on “How Serious are You?”

  1. One forgets that older people have had experienced they are quite often forgotten because they might have health issue’s they were once younger and vibrant , however they have got older and theirs changes made around them , those that know what Scientology has done for them will not forget the lectures of L R H Its always good to revise and refresh oneself on these. However it also important to remember those that are younger than the older ones to realize at some point you will get older and perhaps might get changes with their body such as health issue’s , Remember those that are older now they have paid there way and still should be treated with respect and care but at a different level of observation what they can and can’t do Never forget your body will go older at some point, so don’t forget that but theirs many older ones that have full sense of mind and knowledge and may not have been changed and they are still a human being and they have a higher self known in Scientology as a thetan. No I am not mad I am reminding respect to older people

  2. I’m not getting any older …. Funny thing about time, I’m not getting any younger, either. No older, no younger.

    Clear river flows past,
    A red leaf, sliver sparkle,
    Its waters unseen.

    It all has to do with goals and purposes, with admin scales. What does one do in a lifetime, and how does that relate to what most us only vaguely perceive as eternity? What eternal goals do we have, and how many of those reflect in our present play-a-body-game lifetimes? It’s not money and sex, although we all want those because they are materiel (sustenance and working materials) and pleasure for the body game – and we do spend most of our time and energy caring for the body, having a warm place to live, good food to eat, clothes to wear, a future for our children, cars to drive, even boats and planes to play with. People who love their work still must bring money home. Our admin scales all interrelate, and in a body, they interrelate with farmers, home builders, clothiers, and such.

    So what are the admin scales for eternity? Understanding, love, truth, the discovery of how this Creation works. Know that, and the galaxies are yours to play in, people are yours to know and love. And they will love you.

    Thing is, it has to be YOUR purpose. YOUR goals, and you have to formulate them and know them. The eternal ones are present in everyday life, it’s just a matter of realizing they are there. Know that, and there’s no fear of “death”, because you have continuity. Actually, if they’re solid, there’s no fear of anything, and the “Two Rules for Happy Living” apply.

  3. I am one of those old time Scientologists and therefore my body is now fairly advanced in years
    But Though the body has aged I, the Thetan, am still bright, alert and young at heart.
    I owe this state of being entirely to the application of Ron’s tech throughout my adult life
    And I totally agree that one of the most senior ingredients to happy living is “UNSERIOUSNESS”
    And joining that – High production and the determination to continue creating new Games

  4. I am another who found Scientology early in life 1957 and have used it ever since. It was fun, it taught me how to handle myself and others. I owe LRH a great deal. Today at 81 I still audit every day and continue to gain knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Ron and I hope you are having fun in whatever game you are now playing. I am a member of a Ron’s Org and we have fun. Frank


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