How to Win with the Admin Scale

Recently we posted an article regarding your ‘Pathway into the Future’ using the Admin Scale. But many people find it hard to come to grips with this valuable tool. Often, they write up an Admin Scale for some area of their life, and then give up on it and go into a failed purpose because they feel they didn’t achieve the changes in their life that they expected.

But Ron says:

“This scale is worked up and worked down UNTIL IT IS (EACH ITEM) IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH THE REMAINING ITEMS.”

So, let’s review the ADMIN SCALE to discover what this really means:


The emphasis is on agreement and alignment of items:

“All these items in the scale must agree with all other items in the scale on the same subject. … When an item in the scale is not aligned with the other items, the project will be hindered if not fail.”

HCO PL 6 December 1970 – Third Dynamic De-Aberration

From this you can see that if you have non-optimum situations occurring in your life you must have a misalignment in your Admin Scale.

Now let’s add what Ron has to say about BE – DO – HAVE:

“One of the cycles or correct sequences of action is:   BE-DO-HAVE. By getting if out of sequence a considerable confusion can be generated. …

Children are commonly asked, “What are you going to BE when you grow up?” It is a silly question and can drive any child up the wall. Because it’s the wrong question – hits the wrong end of the cycle. He can’t work out his personal Org Board easily.

He is also asked, “What are you going to DO in life?” That’s just as bad. It is quite difficult to answer.

If we asked children, “What do you want to PRODUCE in life?” we could probably get a workable answer. From that he could figure out what he’d have to do to produce that and from that he could know what he had to BE. Then, with a little cooperation, he would be able to lead a happy and valuable life.”
HCO PL – 13 NOV 1970 – Org Series 13 – Planning By Product

Now apply this data to compiling your Admin Scale:

  • First you have to decide what you want to HAVE in order to create what you visualize as your Ideal Scene
Joe works in a furniture factory.

His dream is to HAVE a prosperous and highly productive furniture factory of his own, is his Ideal Scene

  • When you know what you are working to achieve, and you can then decide on your VFP.(That is HAVE)
He decides that his Valuable Final Product (VFP) would be “Fully viable production of top-quality marketable furniture that is in high demand”
  • Then can decide what you have to DO to achieve that VFP and your Ideal Scene, and that becomes your Purpose.
He decides his Purpose must be:

1. To become an expert on all aspects of furniture manufacturing.

2. To gain knowledge of all aspects of management of business and people.

  • Then you can easily decide on your GOAL – what you must BE to Do what you have to Do to HAVE your Ideal Scene 
Then as his Goal he knows he has to BE a “Fully knowledgeable and competent administrator of both business and people management and a master carpenter”  

After writing up his first four steps of his Admin scale, Joe then started to compare the state of his Existing Scene (how things really are now) with his Ideal Scene; and while doing this he realized that his Existing Scene was very far removed from this wonderful vision of the Ideal Scene he had set for his future.

“You can estimate what the existing scene of a post really is by looking at its product. When a flubby product is observed, you can at once approximate the existing scene. A long time to achieve a small flubby product gives one a good idea of the existing scene.”
HCO PL 14 Nov 1970 – Org Ser 14 – The Product as an Overt Act

So, the next step he took was to write down a thorough description of his Existing Scene. Of course, he made note of the things that he was doing well so that they could be maintained and developed further. But he also saw that he was doing many contra-survival or non-productive things that were hindering him. He realized that these were all bad Out-Points  that were occurring because he was not confronting them and avoiding handling them, so he made special notes of these.

But we will cover how to handle those Out-Points and how they must also  be incorporated to assist you with your successful application of the Admin Scale in our next article.



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  1. Hello, good to see the Theta Help You has Intended to Provide on this subject. Nevertheless, I have a Correction to make: by the definitions as in Scientology and in the English language: a PURPOSE is BROADER than a GOAL and not/ necessarily “ACHIEVABLE” like a GOAL should be. Therefore “PURPOSES” should be AT THE VERY HEAD of the Admin Scale, and GOALS (as MEANS to PURSUE the PURPOSES), in second place 😉



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