Is Death the End of The Road?

There are many Scientologists who don’t know what to tell their friends or relatives when the time comes for them to leave the body. Or how to prepare for this. In other words, how do you make sure that your friends and  loved ones have their own power of choice on how to handle leaving the body, and how to come back without getting amnesia in between lives.

They need hatting!

LRH has an answer to that. The reference is:

Between Lives Implants. SHSBC, 23.July 1963 tape 317. Here are some quotes, it should be enough data for your own “life assurance”, plus knowledge to hat your friends and family:

“I’d been looking at where you go every time you die, see? And I finally found out what this planet is and why life is so loopy.” (p.172 transcript)

“Of all the nasty, mean and vicious implants that have ever been invented, this one is it. And has been going on for thousands of years. It’s the most complete memory wipe-out system and the biggest bunch of lies that anybody ever had anything to do with.” (p.172 transcript)

“The first thing we ought to do is give some attention to preventing further implantation of Scientologists “ (p.182 transcript)

“Now, supposing Scientologists just elected a place to be when they kicked the bucket. And supposing, why, we simply ran out-and actually it’s just a section of the implant, and even though it jams the case up, who cares- run out the compulsion, even by repeater technique, don’t you see?

We can do that, see. Run that compulsion to appear over there, you see. And then tell the guy very strong and hard, “Well where is a good place that you’re very familiar with? Well when you die, appear there. Now remember that. When you die, Appear such-and-such a place.” (p.178 transcript). Between Lives Implants. SHSBC, 23 . July 1963 tape 317






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