Joy of Creating

A thought from the “Code of Honor” from PAB 40 by LRH – 26 November 1954  …

“Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrow.” 

So, let go of all the mistakes that occurred in the past   –   they happened   –   they are over and done.

There is nothing you can do to alter them now in PT … so to dwell on them only hangs you up in the failure and loss of it all.

But LRH says:     

“The being causes his own feelings”   … HCOB  25 Aug 1982, The Joy of Creating

So, if you allow yourself to sit feeling heavily despondent and down tone you will leave yourself without the “Power” to do anything about it.

LRH also says …

“The Power of Choice is Senior to Responsibility.” …

”In order to make up one’s mind to be responsible for things it is necessary to get over the idea that one is being forced into responsibility.

The power of choice is still senior to responsibility.

What one does against his will operates as an overt act against oneself. But where one’s will to do has deteriorated to unwillingness to do anything, lack of will is itself an aberration.
HCOB 4 Feb 1960 – Theory of Responsibility Processing

When a person is uncertain, he cannot control his position. He feels weak. He goes slow.
HCO PL 23 Jul 72

So, you have the choice regarding whether you raise your level of responsibility and get up and challenge yourself and drive hard to create an exciting new future for yourself.

“The power of a thetan stems from his ability to hold a position in space. … If a thetan can hold a position or location in space he can generate power. If he cannot, he cannot generate power and will be weak.”
HCO PL 29 Jul 71

So once again, it is your choice whether you decide you are going to play an up-tone or down-tone game in life … And you alone choose the emotional level you are going to play the game in.

“Life IS in you today”  PAB 40

And you are quite capable of… 

“Making your own tomorrow.”  PAB 40

So, get busy with   “The Joy of Creating” …

“The greatest joy there is in life is creating” …

Really   “Splurge on it!”
HCOB  25 Aug 1982, The Joy of Creating


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