Money Problems

Now is not the time to become effect of the problem the World finds itself in! Ron has some excellent comments on the subject of money … He also states:
Axiom 49 – To solve any problem it is only necessary to become Theta the solver rather than Theta the problem.”

“I answer money problems with lots of money, not with worry or sadness or impractical hope.  I never count on any one source.  I always plan to get the total sum of all the money I need from each one of three or four ways or sources.

“But most important, I don’t run up bills if I don’t have the cash in sight to pay them.

“I am not parasitic on the organization.  I always make many times the amount I may spend on hybrid horned toads with pink ribbons for the front hall.

“I do now and then throw money away when it’s been made and isn’t needed….

“So, get smart about money.  It’s only money.  It’s made and if you make it, you can have some.  If you don’t you can’t.  It won’t be there to be had.”

LRH, HCOPL 2 June 59 “A Comment on Finance”, OEC volume 3, pages 26-27

And this important datum …

“… you as an individual will make as much money as you attract pro-survival attention.  You can just absolutely — you can plot how much money any man is going to make just with that….

“Money flows towards points which attract pro-survival attention.  All you’ve got to do is stand up there and keep on being pro-survival and be pro-survival in a widening communication sphere and you will just have to start throwing this stuff away!

.. You make money as much as you get attention, and you get as much attention in a society, as far as you put your communication lines out….

“How do you get attention?  Well, it takes a fairly overt fellow, which you ought to make out of yourself, a fellow who is slightly gregarious*…. Takes brass*.

“You have to be willing to accept any of God’s quantity of kicks in the teeth.  And you can accept them very easily, because anybody that’ll kick you in the teeth on a mission like that is so far out of communication he hasn’t got enough horsepower even to ridicule you. What are you afraid of him for?”
– LRH, “How and When to Audit”, 26 March 1953, from taped lecture series “Admiration and the Renaissance of Beingness”

While shut away behind closed doors and cut off from normal commlines,  now is an excellent time to increase knowledge in whatever it is that you might want to do …

“The ingredients of successful work are: training and experience in the subject being addressed, good general intelligence and ability, a capability of high affinity, a tolerance of reality, and the ability to communicate and receive ideas. Given these things there is left only a slim chance of failure. Given these things a man can ignore all of the accidents of birth, marriage or fortune; for birth, marriage and fortune are not capable of placing these necessary ingredients in one’s hands. One could have all the money in the world and yet be unable to perform an hour’s honest labor. Such a man would be a miserably unhappy one.”
L. Ron Hubbard, Founder The Problems of Work, “The Man Who Succeeds,” page 112

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1 thought on “Money Problems”

  1. Very appropriate in this time of the big virus which in the manner it is being handled is doing grave damage to the economies of this planet. Businesses are being destroyed Our savings and reserves as well. Surely a better balance in handling could have been achieved. So what can be done:
    If you are on social media ask the question of others how this virus could be better handled. Put ideas out there yourself.
    Take any appropriate actions such as writing to the media or verbally where comments are asked for. Talk to your political guys.
    If you are a solo auditor even if you are not auditing at this time get a cs to audit it. Ron”s Org has some excellent cs”s that can be used.
    The key is we have to not be effect but rather cause in the handling of this virus that threatens our reserves and livelihood.
    Strength to to you all. Frank

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