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For the many readers we now have viewing the Back On MyBridge Blog we have started a “Wins and Successes with the Tech” page.

We would love to hear about the Wins and Successes you have had using LRH Tech and Policy.

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Ron was very proud of the work being done by Scientologists in society, and as he states below ….

…. a professional Scientologist is one who expertly uses Scientology on any area or level of the society….

“A trained Scientologist is not a doctor.  He is someone with special knowledge in the handling of life….

“The factories, the marts of trade, the homes, the neighborhoods, these are the places we want trained Scientologists.  In that way alone, we’re on the busy, still healthy communication lines of the world….

“We are the world’s trouble-shooters.  When we make a company win, the whole world wins.  When we make a neighborhood win, we all win.

“A full-time Scientologist makes life better wherever he is.”

LRH, HCOB 10 June 60 I “What We Expect of a Scientologist”, Technical Bulletins volume S2, pages 85-86

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