Control of the Environment

  How do we survive in today’s World? Per LRH…“The survival of a group depends upon the ability of its individual members to control their environment and to insist that the other group members also control theirs”. The competence level of the world today appears to be at an all-time low. In societies awash with …

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To be able to look and view what you see as it is, is vital. In Scientology we call this OBNOSIS. OBNOSIS, 1. the observation of the obvious; the ability to look at the obvious. (SH Spec 48, 6411C04) 2 . this is a coined (invented) word meaning “observing the obvious”. There is no English …

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What is a Postulate?

What is a postulate? Per the Tech Dictionary it is: “POSTULATE, n. 1. a self-created truth would be simply the consideration generated by self. Well, we just borrow the word, which is in seldom use in the English language, we call that postulate. And we mean by postulate, self-created truth. He posts something. He puts …

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