I Just Don’t Have The Time

How often have you felt the frustration working with people and getting told:  “I just did not have the time … Sorry, didn’t get round to it … Will do it tomorrow, I promise! (but tomorrow comes and no answer), I have been so busy …and so it goes! Apart from blaming others, we make … Read more

Quality of Responsibility

How often are we told; “it is your responsibility …, Billy you must learn to be more responsible …, YOU are responsible …, Nothing to do with me, she is responsible…” – and so it goes on! Responsibility as a subject is much bandied around, without people really being able to understand it or practice … Read more

Freedom of Choice

Do you get the feeling our freedom of choice has been whittled away? Look around you, what do you think? Are we free to choose our own way of life? Our way of life has changed dramatically in recent times. We must remember that a body can be controlled but not so much a Thetan! … Read more

Q & A With Bodies

There a huge amount attention these days on protecting bodies. Nothing wrong with being sensible with the care of the body, but the most important thing is to increase our power as Beings! This we can do through regular Auditing and Training. “The main thing wrong with any preclear is that he cannot disentangle himself … Read more