Just about all of us have been accused of “not taking something seriously enough” about our goals, our lives, our careers and so on. “Taking something seriously” has become synonymous with working hard at it, staying focused, and persisting on the course, and this is really a bad way to describe such desirable qualities. The … Read more

Body Worship

Today we live in a vast cult called “Worship the body”. Medical doctors, schoolteachers, parents, traffic officers, the whole society unites into this war-cry, “Care for the body.” This stems from the ignorance that the body is all that one has, that he will have just one body, that his total devotion is the care … Read more

Handle energy in its Fullest Extent

LRH was talking about this back in 1952 when he gave the lecture below. This data is only now becoming real to those beings who are moving into the higher realms of OT. Sitting on a mountain top contemplating the beauty and wonders of the Universe, cutting oneself off from other beings and MEST is … Read more

What is Obnosis?

Here we are going to take a look at the strange word and subject of OBNOSIS, and how very important it is! OBNOSIS, 1. the observation of the obvious; the ability to look at the obvious. (SH Spec 48, 6411C04) 2 . this is a coined (invented) word meaning observing the obvious. There is no … Read more