The Theta and the MEST Universe

We as beings are involved with, fundamentally, two universes; the Theta universe (THETA, 1. theta is thought, life force, élan vital, the spirit, the soul, or any other of the numerous definitions it has had for some thousands of years. (SOS, p. 4) and the MEST universe, (MEST UNIVERSE, 1. that agreed-upon reality of Matter, …

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Suppression is certainly not new to any of us. Suppression of communication by church personnel as to whom we may or may not communicate to… Suppression of ideas… when you interact with religious, political, social groups etc.; you will soon find out how far the suppression of our ideas and thoughts goes! I don’t think …

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Another great Success Story by an Old Timer

Have a look at the latest success story on the “Wins and Successes with the Tech” page by a Scientologist who has been around for many years. It is so great to see Beings winning all the way! Alina


Now that is a scary word! On a huge scale or a small scale we are a connected group. From doing our bit to care for the Planet, others, a partnership or oneself. How often are we told; “it is your responsibility …, Billy you must learn to be more responsible …, YOU are responsible …

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