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Many people seem to think that destiny, is apparently the predetermined, inevitable control factor, that has a lot do with the series of events that will happen in their future. But that is very far from the Truth.

If you decide to assign destiny as being the source that brings about your future, you will find yourself at the effect of it.

But pause a moment to examine what you have actually done.  You will discover that it was none other than yourself that made that decision ‘to be at effect’ and therefore you were still cause, and the sole reason why you experience your future at effect.

As Ron says:

“The only thing that’s really aberrative about it is, you’re being cause and effect simultaneously. You’re being cause of your own effect.” From a lecture – THE FACTORS – 29 Oct 1954

So ultimately, we alone are the cause of what happens in our future, be it good or bad, but unfortunately we tend to continue to drift on through life by brushing aside the things we feel are beyond our control.

But this can all be easily prevented by getting more organized in your life with a little planning. And, of course, Ron has provided us with effective tools that will enable us to become creators and masters of our own future.

One of the most effective tools to do this is the ADMIN SCALE, but sadly it is a tool that has been grossly underutilized, its true value unrecognized, and often misunderstood or ignored.

”I have developed a scale for use which gives a sequence (and relative seniority) of subjects relating to organization.












In short, for success, all these items in the scale must agree with all other items in the scale on the same subject. … When an item in the scale is not aligned with the other items, the project will be hindered if not fail.”

The skill with which all these items in any activity are aligned and gotten into action is called MANAGEMENT.”

The ADMIN SCALE is a vital living tool that will assist with the management of your survival on any Dynamic – a tool to be continually worked with, amended and expanded as you grow – Not something you quickly do then put away in a drawer and forget about.

It is a tool that is continually worked with, day after day, month after month, until you actually fulfill your Ideal Scene and achieve your goal. Then you write up a new Admin Scale for your next goal and even better Ideal Scene.

“The only reason he jams, is in his ability to tolerate or handle others. There’s no road out for such a being except through.  …

Probably the only reason this universe itself is considered by some as a trap, is because their Admin Scale is out.

Like any skill or technology, it has to be known and done and continued in use to be effective.” LRH

Ideally you should have an active Admin Scale for every different activity on each of your Dynamics written-up and continually working to organise and operate through.

“All we can do to survive even on the first dynamic is to know how to handle and be part of the third and fourth dynamics and clean it up.  …

All this is very fundamental first dynamic and third dynamic tech.” LRH

Just take another look the reference at the end of the previous article and you will again see that if you, on Dynamic One, as the prime survival thrust, allow that central arrow to disintegrate and start to dive away from cause it will also have an effect on each of your other Dynamics.

This is why it is vital to have Admin scales drawn up for all your active areas. So here’s more on the Admin Scale:

“Group members only become upset when one or more of these points are not aligned to the rest and at least some group agreement.

Groups appear slow, inefficient, unhappy, inactive or quarrelsome only when these items are not aligned, made known and coordinated.

Any activity can be improved by debugging or aligning this scale in relation to the group activity.

As out-reality breeds out-comm and out-affinity, it follows that unreal items on the scale (not aligned) produce ARC breaks, upsets and disaffection.

It then follows that when these scale items are well aligned with each other and the group, there will be high reality, high communication and high affinity in the group.

Group mores aligned so and followed by the group gives one an ethical group and also establishes what will then be considered as overts and withholds in the group by group members.

This scale and its parts and ability to line them up are one of the most valuable tools of organization.”

Now if you combine all this with the following reference you are set to travel along the pathway to your future filled with your Ideal Scenes on every Dynamic!

“Livingness is going along a certain course, impelled by a purpose and with some place to arrive. It consists mostly of removing the barriers in the channel, holding the edges firm, ignoring the distractions and reinforcing and re-impelling one’s progress along the channel. That’s life”
LRH Lecture from SHSBC 6 April 1965

We will follow this article with more data to assist you with your application of the Admin Scale shortly.

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2 thoughts on “Pathway to the Future”

  1. The Administration Scale is the DNA of all activity. You operate on Administration Scales from to the moment you open your eyes in the morning. “Open Eyes” has its own distinct Goals and Purposes which coordinate and align with many other larger Goals and Purposes., And you’re off and running with scales and Targets and Conditional Targets. (E.g. Is this my bedroom? check. Is it daylight? Check. What time is it? Check. Am I late or early? Check. Am I well rested? Check. Is the floor there? Check. Lights. Check. Where’s the bathroom? Check. Conditional targets met; move the body out of bed.)

    As the DNA of all activity, the template for all activity, the admin scale is intuitive. No one I know of writes up an admin scale for “Open Eyes” and integrates it into other scales in planning for the day’s activities. I gave an admin scale to a woman who is not a Scientologist, had no contact I know of with Scientology. I told her it was copyrighted, but that she could use it, of course, and told her to do one for “Making Breakfast” so she could see how it all worked. Two months went by with several contacts between us, but no mention of the scale. I asked her if she had gotten around to doing one, and what she thought of it. She said, “Well, yes! But … that’s how I do things already.”

    Once you do a scale in some detail, for something relatively simple, so you get familiar with what each item on the scale means, how those words translate into thoughts, considerations, postulates, actions, and so on, once you get familiar with the functioning of the scale, you can run 100 of them in your head in a few seconds. You do this every day. All admin scales interrelate and interact with each other. You glance up and look at a supermarket – there go at least ten admin scales, run in a second. Is it “your” supermarket? Is it clean and in good condition? Is there easy access? What do you need to buy? Got milk? Got money? Pay check deposited? Debit card on you? In our well-Ordered society and competitive free-market capitalist society, we take an awful lot of things for granted. Some places, not everything is so “easy”. But the point is that you run all those admin scales in your head, intuitively.

    Maybe someone here might think, “OK. So your work associate, the woman with the admin scale you gave her, said she does things that way already. And you say ‘it’s intuitive’. So why bother doing an admin scale?”

    Big question: “Why study life?”

    Answer: … ?

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