Sure, you know people who are just convinced that bad things are going to happen, and sure enough they often do happen! Now is this a super OT ability or is it much lower on the Tone Scale? LRH says;

“He is predicting.  Now, he is putting, you might say, accidents or bad news on the time track all the time”.

People will visit fortune tellers, tarot card readers and the like looking for conformation of the future and what it holds for them.

As Ron says in the Code of Honor –

Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrow”.

So true, and we must be cautious of people who try to put a future on you that you don’t really want!

“So, we have a situation here where this individual is, you might say, predicting with margin.  The chances are only one in a billion that an oncoming car is suddenly going to dart over and hit him and yet he’s going on the total supposition that any one of these oncoming cars has a fifty-fifty chance of veering out of its lane and striking into his lane.  He’s predicting with margin.” …

“He is predicting.  Now, he is putting, you might say, accidents or bad news on the time track all the time.  See, all the time he’s driving he’s putting bad news, bad news, bad news, bad news, bad news. He’s predicting the horrible, predicting the horrible, predicting the horrible so that he can survive as a form and as a car.

“And the funny part of it is, is the harder he predicts the horrible, the more often it happens to him.  Isn’t this curious?  It isn’t a direct ratio.  It isn’t that every time he predicts something horrible is going to happen, something horrible does happen.  But he gets so certain, after a while, that the horrible is going to occur that he begins to feel that time is not taking place.  And if time is studded only with the horrible, to have any motion in time at all, he has to have horrible things happen.” …

“He will practically knowingly let his tires wear thin.  He will practically knowingly use various things in the car which will destroy its good mechanical action.  He will go at the wrong rates of speed.  To do what?  To make accidents happen.”





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  1. Wow this is a really good article. I can see that taking notice of any bad news and believing it can happen can really upset you , distract you away from life and living and creating a future you want.

    Good one.
    Thank you


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