LRH made this somewhat alarming statement…

Now, you can assign purpose to life, and if you don’t, nobody will.  Purpose has to be assigned to life because it is purposeless.  There isn’t any purpose to life at all.” LRH (Further details are given in the text below).

How often do we hear comments from both young and old such as…”Life does not seem to have any purpose … “There is no purpose to my job … etc., etc.

One of the greatest ways to help another is to give them a purpose to follow. Our modern educational system and society in general are a great “Crusher of Purposes”.

“An individual, species, organism, organization, to succeed, survive and expand in influence must have a formulated BASIC PURPOSE.

“To keep beings from growing, the reactive bank is almost entirely made up of false and booby-trapped purposes.  Thus, we can see that, by its having been impeded so thoroughly in past ages, the idea of having a personal or organizational or group basic purpose is an extremely valuable one.

“Without one (basic purpose) expressed or unexpressed, a being or an organization or group, doesn’t grow but shrinks and becomes weak – in this universe nothing can remain long in an unchanging state….

“The basic purpose runs through time.  When it is impeded, distracted from, not complied with, thwarted or stopped, a state of failure of the basic purpose occurs in greater or lesser degree.  Sometimes challenges to it cause it to strengthen but only when the challenges are consistently overcome.

“A being, organism, organization, group or species or race learns in forwarding its basic purpose or meeting challenges to its basic purpose certain lessons….

“The basic formula of Living (not Life) is: HAVING AND FOLLOWING A BASIC PURPOSE.”

LRH, HCOPL 13 March 65 “The Structure of Organization, What is Policy?”, OEC volume 0 page 114

It is not difficult to get a person up tone, bright and cheerful again. If they don’t have a purpose assist them in getting one and as LRH says …


Then, it is important to not let a person get caught up in the purposelessness of it all …remember …

“A game is composed of freedom, barriers, and purposes.  And we’ve got one of these trick triangles, like the ARC triangle.  You increase any corner of it, you increase the other two corners; increase two and you certainly increase the third.  That’s a highly selective triangle, and it works – whammity-bam! …

Now, you can assign purpose to life, and if you don’t, nobody will.  Purpose has to be assigned to life because it is purposeless.  There isn’t any purpose to life at all.

When you can swallow that bitter pill, you can live.  But to swallow it requires that you conceive a static:  Thetan native state – no purpose. But it is a solvable thing.  It’s solvable.  Just invent a problem of comparable magnitude to anything; invent some games.  Raise the whole trio here – raise those three corners at once: freedom, barriers, and purposes.”
LRH, Scientology 8-8008, page 109

“And you don’t have to go to heaven or to hell if you don’t want to.   You can be entirely free to go anywhere.  And you can be immortal and  yet have your body, your family, your friends.

“We are extending to you the precious gift of freedom and immortality  – factually, honestly.

“You are a spirit.  You are your own soul.  You are not mortal.  You  can be free.”

LRH, “The Golden Dawn”, 1954 Anatomy of Cause” lecture series, also known as the 16th American Clinical

“A being’s basic goodness can be made brightly evident or be heavily obscured, the quality of his life and survival potential can be enhanced or reduced, all through a factor fundamental to the thetan himself: PURPOSES.

“Where a being has accumulated nonsurvival purposes and intentions, he will be found to be having, doing and being far below his potential.  Having committed overt acts (prompted by false, nonsurvival intentions and purposes), he then restrains himself from action.  Achievement, stability, certainty, respect for self, and even the thetan’s innate power can seem to deteriorate or disappear altogether.

“And it can be found that many of these contrasurvival purposes have been fettering the being for a VERY long time.”

LRH, HCOB 5 June 84R “False Purpose Rundown”, Technical Bulletins volume S3 page 709

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