Putting yourself back on the rails again

How often have we found ourselves in the position Ron describes below. How often do we just want to give up and want to sit on a mountain top somewhere and ignore the World. The further we move through the various levels of awareness the easier it is to get back on the rails. Ron covers very well why we have to rise above the bank!

“Don’t think then that what you’re going through is uncommon or is peculiar.  I would say this:  The only reprehensible thing–it is not reprehensible to have ARC breaks, it’s not reprehensible to miss somebody’s goals and get so restimulated, to do this, to do that, something or other, have ARC breaks and blow for twenty-four hours and lie quietly in the shrubbery sobbing, knowing you will be dead any day now; knowing it’s all gone too far and that nobody is ever going to help you and Ron was wrong, you know!  And all this kind of thing.  Sad, sad, sad!

The only thing reprehensible is not doing that, but when you have done it–picking yourself up by the scruff of the neck, sooner or later, in that period, and putting yourself back on the rails again, knowing that you can rise superior to it and surmount it.  See.  That’s the only thing that’s reprehensible, it’s not doing that sooner or later, you see. “Blow, explode and break up all the furniture, see, that’s all very well, but if in a week or so, at the absolute outside, you haven’t gotten yourself by the scruff of the neck, just realize you’re not rising superior to your bank.  And the only thing that got us where we are is just rising superior.  Without even any thetan bootstraps to grab hold of, see.  It’s quite important to know that.  Because the road is stony….”
RON HUBBARD, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape, “Finding Goals,” 25 April 1963, Transcript Pages 160-161.

How often we are told that we must adjust, not fight the system … how wrong that is! Reading through the text below we understand why the understanding and application of the Tech is so vital 

“The nineteenth-century psychologist preached that Man had to ‘adjust to his environment.’  This false datum helped begin a racial degeneration. “The truth is that Man is as successful as he adjusts the environment to him.

“Being competent means the ability to control and operate the things in the environment and the environment itself.

“When you see things broken down around the mechanic who is responsible for them, he is plainly exhibiting his incompetence — which means his inability to control those things in his environment and adjust the environment for which he is responsible — motors.

“Know-how, attention, and the desire to be effective are all part of the ability to control the environment.

“One’s ‘standards’ (the degree of rightness one is trying to establish and maintain) are directly related to one’s desire to have a controlled environment.

“The attainment of one’s standards is not done by criticism (a human system).  It is done by exerting control of one’s environment and moving things effectively toward a more ideal scene.

“The ability to confront MEST is a high ability.  After that comes the ability to handle and control it.

“The ability to confront people is also a high ability.  After that comes the ability to get along with them and to handle and control them.

“There is the supreme test of a thetan — the ability to make things go right.”
RON HUBBARD, HCO PL 30 Dec 1970, “Environmental Control,” OEC VOL 0, Page 251-2.

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1 thought on “Putting yourself back on the rails again”

  1. This is so apt! I was stalled on my bridge for over a year. Now I’m busy redoing Objectives and start, change, stop processes. And I had a cog on the subject of control just the other day!

    We chose to play this Mest universe game. And, to make it more interesting for ourselves, we decided to make ‘control’ difficult. Now, there’s complexity and intrigue in our game!

    But control is merely a means to achieve things in the Mest universe, much like postulates in the theta universe!
    When we can truly confront ‘control’, we assume a causative viewpoint on the subject and control becomes as light as a postulate!

    This cog really blew my anchor points out FAR!
    Thanks to LRH for giving us the tools to best our own (and others) suppressive games!

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