Q & A With Bodies

There a huge amount attention these days on protecting bodies. Nothing wrong with being sensible with the care of the body, but the most important thing is to increase our power as Beings!

This we can do through regular Auditing and Training.

“The main thing wrong with any preclear is that he cannot disentangle himself from entities and somatic entities, from demon circuits and MEST bodies.  He wants to know who he is and where he is.”
LRH, Scientology: A History of Man [1952], page 61

“Some people Q-and-A with their bodies.  The body is, after all,  composed of MEST.  It follows the laws of MEST.

“One of these laws is Newton’s first law of motion: INERTIA.  This is the tendency of a MEST object to remain motionless until acted upon by an exterior force.  Or to continue in a line of motion until acted upon by an exterior force.

“Well, the main force around that is continually acting on a human body is a thetan, the being himself.

“The body will remain at rest (since it is a MEST object) until acted upon by the thetan that is supposed to be running it….

“Some people on medical lines are just there not because of actual illness but because they are just Q-and-Aing with their body.

“People also Q-and-A with themselves.  They want to stop drinking and can’t.  They want to stop or change something about themselves or their body and then disperse off onto something else….

“People who can’t get things done are simply Q-and-Aing with people and life.

“People who CAN get things done just don’t Q-and-A.

“All great truths are simple.

“This is a major one.”

LRH, HCOB 5 Dec 73 “The Reason for Q and A”, Technical Bulletins volume X, pages 566-568

And a further LRH comment on Bodies …

“… he will stay in immediate and intimate contact with bodies.  And he will continue to do so until this point is resolved….  and that point is sensation, need for.

“… he as a thetan can contact directly from the environment much better any sensation that environment might possibly deliver to a body….

“And that is done by rehabilitating his own ability to perceive.  This is not too difficult because the only ability to perceive there is — what do you know the thetan has the only ability to perceive.  And he’s thinks he has to do it through the body….”
LRH, “SOP: Spacation Step III, Flow Processing”, Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture of 16 December 1952,

“An individual is not as alive as his heart beats.  He is not as alive as his toes wiggle.  No.  He is as live as he can consent to play the role he is playing.  If he is then playing that role by his own consent, he’ll be alive to a remarkable degree.

“It’s a remarkable thing, isn’t it?  It has a lot to do with willingness to be.  If you are willing to be or if you are capable of being, by your own determinism, then you can be certain of life, and you can be certain of the future, and you can be certain of what you are doing and certain of the motives, good or bad, of those around you — if you are capable of determining your own beingnes…

“Or the individual is so affected by force, so afraid of force, so apathetic about force that anything in the guise of force can drive him into doing anything.  And that individual is a slave….

“Now, you must remember that sanity and health have a great deal to do with each other.  Do you know that a very healthy man can get sick at will and recover from it as long as he doesn’t have to hide it and kid others about why he’s getting sick….”
RON HUBBARD, “Health & Certainty,” Personal Achievement Series, Transcript Pages 25-27.

“People who can’t get things done are simply Q-and-Aing with people and life.
LRH, HCOB 5 Dec 73 “The Reason for Q and A”, Technical Bulletins volume X, pages 566-568




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