Sometimes when faced with the Existing Scene, trying to reach the Ideal Scene can seem so daunting that it’s like trying to “Reach for the Stars”.

But as Ron says: “It is seldom you can handle it all at one bang”.

“Just because the SITUATION is big is no real reason the solution must be.

Solutions work on gradient scales – Little by more by more. …

The need to handle comes first.         

The resources available come next.     

The capability comes third.

Estimate these and by getting a very bright workable (often very simple) idea, one can make a start.”

HCO PL 30 JUNE 1970 – Data Series 11 – The Situation

After re-reading this Joe saw that he must start with his “Need to handle

He also realized that finding and making the Resources available” and raising his Capability” were the higher gradients that would come later as he increased the gradient of raising his Existing Scene to the Ideal Scene

So, he reviewed the real WHY that was the reason for his Major Departure in his Existing Scene

“Inadequate supervision and wrong handling of workers on the factory floor”

  • So, he now writes up a Plan to “Handle” the “WHY” (The reason for the Situation)

 “To gain full competence to manage both the workers and production lines with complete skill.”

From this point Joe is working with the Admin Scale as follows:

  • Write up a Program to implement the Plan decided upon
  • Write up Projects to get the steps of that Program done
  • Set completion dates on Targets for Projects
  • Use Battle Plans or Orders to assist with Projects to get quality Products produced
  • Record STATs to measure progress
  • Keep driving for the VFP for that Program
  • Re-evaluate the new Existing Scene
  • Repeat all previous steps with the next Program
  • Repeat all of the above till Ideal Scene is reached

After handling the first MAJOR DEPARTURE from the Ideal Scene, then you should re-evaluate and upgrade the improved Existing Scene, find the next Major Departure and WHY and draw up new Plans etc.

Throughout the application of the ADMIN SCALE write and modify Policy designed to strengthen Plus-Points and remove, prevent or handle Out-Points.

And lastly …If you honestly work your Admin Scale up and down  ”UNTIL  EACH ITEM IS IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH THE REMAINING ITEMS”,   as LRH says, the situation will be handled.

If you continue to work this wonderful tool in this manner, you will achieve your VFP, the Existing Scene will become totally aligned and in full agreement with the Ideal Scene and there will be NO Out-Points.

Your Existing Scene IS your Ideal Scene – Your Valuable Final Product

EXAMPLE:            Program for how Joe implemented his Plan:


  1. Develop Communication to become able in all aspects of communication

Projects would be written up for each of the following:

  • Communications Skills in Personal Relations with all company staff
  • Scheduling and Supervision of workers
  • Computer Skills and Admin competence
  • Customer Relations and Service
  • Scheduling and handling orders to meet delivery dates 
  1. Develop Planning Skills in using logic to solve and avoid problems… 

Projects would be written to increase skill for each of the following:

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Ordering
  • Planning of projects
  • Management (of time and personnel)
  • Problem Solving 
  1. Increase Detail Orientation to develop detail and precision. 

Projects would be written up for each of the following:

  • Following Plans
  • Cutting
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Quality Control &Troubleshooting 
  1. Increase Mechanical Skills regarding familiarity and knowledge of all tools and machines on the factory floor. 

Projects would be written up for each of the following: 

  • Appliance Installation
  • Cabinet Building
  • Construction
  • Furniture Making
  • Paneling
  • All aspects of Woodworking 
  1. Master Math Skills to acquire accuracy in measurement to cut and install materials; calculate and estimate growth by Statistics. 

Projects would be written up for each of the following: 

  • Budgeting
  • Estimates
  • Marking
  • Measuring

 The Valuable Final Product of this Program should be along the lines of:

 Joe thoroughly familiar with all that goes on under his management; and the factory floor running really smoothly with great efficiency.



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