Responsibility Across All The Dynamics

The Eighth Dynamic

The looking up to, worship, belief or non-belief of a god, gods or a supreme being is much woven into the Human culture.

Man at large today is in this state with regard to the human spirit. For centuries Man was educated to believe in demons, ghouls, and things that went boomp in the night. There was an organization in southern Europe which capitalized upon this terror and made demons and devils so formidable that at length Man could not even face the fact that any of his fellows had souls. And thus we entered an entirely materialistic age. With the background teaching that no one can confront the “invisible,” vengeful religions sought to move forward into a foremost place of control. Naturally, it failed to achieve its goal and irreligion became the order of the day, thus opening the door for Communism and other idiocies. Although it might seem true that one cannot confront the invisible, who said that a spirit was always invisible? Rather let us say that it is impossible for Man or anything else to confront the non-existent and thus when non-existent gods are invented and are given more roles in the society, we discover Man becomes so degraded that he cannot even confront the spirit in his fellows, much less become moral.

More Confronting L. Ron Hubbard Ability [ 1957, ca. early September]

In dealing with religion people are, generally, careful about stepping on toes and causing upsets. LRH, however, tells it like he sees it, not always popular but that is what is great about him!

Now, I’m going to ask you bluntly to re-examine some of your possible conclusions along this line –not because God is good, bad, not because one should be an atheist, not because one should be holy, not because one should be anything.

But let’s take a look at it, because the truth of the matter is that what you know of God, you know very intimately.  Because that’s you.

The life that beats in you and thinks in you and is in you connects up directly and is part and parcel of an infinity which we could classify as the Supreme Being.

THE COMMAND OF THETA – Disk 1 – Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology, Other Philosophies – Band 16:  p19 – LRH

The effect of religion on Man thru the ages …

The Eight Dynamic – Cause – God: … We’ve got a static. This is the first time, oddly enough, that a static has ever been postulated. … That’s a real static. No wavelength, no space, no time, no matter, no location of any kind. And regardless of what cause is in it, we say that is a static because it is that. … theta. Now, we say it has the additional characteristics of being able to create matter, energy, space and time. …

(And that can be very easily proved by the fact that every time you create a mental picture, which is composed of mental matter, space and time; you can see that you, are quite definitely the creator of that picture. You are the creator, the cause point.)

… And that’s cause. It’s something without space, without time, without form, a true static which has the potential of creating, conserving, altering or destroying matter, energy, space and time.

(And this is how auditing can occur. You have the ability to alter and get rid of the charge that you created in the past and stored in those mental image pictures which have been affecting you so badly in life.)

And cause can become a noun with a capital C. That’s Cause. Nobody has ever defined a god at that elevation. They have defined god as being capable of making this universe.  … occasionally … many universes. But nobody ever broke this down to a point where he also imparted his ability to do this to everything he made and so defined, in terms of God, the human soul.

THE COMMAND OF THETA – Disk 7 – Control of the Individual – LRH

And so you can see, YOU are the cause point in your life, and you can continually strengthen your ability to create new theta games to play across all your Dynamics.

First to Eighth Dynamic: “The way to take the First Dynamic apart and handle the First Dynamic utterly is to be the First Dynamic completely and utterly and then all of a sudden you no longer have to be the First Dynamic. And it’s that way with each dynamic in turn.

“And if you were to draw a map of the way to go all the way up to Operating Thetan, it would be this way. …

“And he goes up through One. He’s got to become everything there is to be about One—so as far as a body is concerned, or Homo sapiens is concerned—he goes through One.

“And when he gets through One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, yes sir, about that time he could sure set up shop as God.”

Lecture – “PROCESSES FOR ROUGH CASES” – 3 October 1953 – LRH

And so you can see our Responsibility spreads across all the Dynamics:

What is the responsibility an individual has when he knows something? …  Does he have any responsibility at all? … there are seven more dynamics.  The ratio is seven to one that he better tell somebody about it.

If he sees a society or a culture going downhill, and he simply sits back on a spectator basis and watches it go downhill, although he himself has an intimate stock in it, has a good share of it himself, then I’m afraid that he is not carrying forward his social responsibilities to himself, just to himself, much less the rest of the dynamics.  It’s not possible to sit back that way. – Page 188-9:…

Now there isn’t a choice, unfortunately, for thee and me of, “Well, let’s just sit back and wait to see how it all goes.”  We’ve known for years the wrong thing to do about anything.  We may not know the right thing to do, but by golly, we know the wrong thing to do about any given circumstance or situation, and that’s to do nothing. And Page: 190 …

Now this is a horrible view, because it presupposes a tremendous amount of busybodyness and activity on the part of an individual.  But if you want to know why things are off the wheels so far, look how many times nothing was done!  And add up in the last seventy-six trillion years all the times nothing was done, and you’ve got the exact problem you have at this minute!  You abandoned control and responsibility and communication with!  You got problems, lots of them. And Page: 191


“A Scientologist is a first cousin to the Buddhist, a distant relative to the Taoist, a feudal enemy to the enslaving priest …

“The religion of the Scientologist is freedom for all things spiritual on all dynamics which means adequate discipline and Knowledge to keep that freedom guaranteed.

“We are the people who are ending the cycle of homo sapiens and starting the cycle of a good earth.

“There are no barriers on our path except those we make ourselves. Our ability belongs to all worlds everywhere.”

THE HUBBARD CERTIFIED AUDITOR COURSE – Ability – [1957, ca. early June] – L. Ron Hubbard

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