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Ron's Org Grenchen - Switzerland

Ron's Org Grenchen Staff

At Ron’s Org Grenchen Switzerland our purpose is to be able to freely apply Scientology technology and to be able to help others to find themselves. We do not take an authoritative position by forcing anyone to accept the teachings we provide, but we encourage people to discover for themselves what is true for them. 

The goal of the Ron’s Org is to freely apply the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard as he originally developed them and as he originally taught and successfully applied them to help others to improve.


Ron’s Org Frankfurt​ - Germany

Welcome to Ron‘s Org Frankfurt!
We have been delivering LRH‘s technology since 1987 and want to make sure that auditing and training as originally devised by him continues to be available to all that seek a spiritual road to freedom and truth. 

The concept of our group is based on friendship and ARC, not conformity or enforced mores. However we want to make sure that the technology is correctly applied so as to give everyone wins beyond their expectations. At our org the complete bridge can be delivered, our C/S is a Class XII.

Ron’s Org del Rio de la Plata - Argentina

Ron’s Org Rio de la Plata is open! We are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We deliver courses and auditing to English speakers and Spanish speakers. We can take you from the beginning of the Bridge to Clear, OT 3 and beyond. You can train to become a Class IV auditor and Dianetic auditor. We have several trained and interned course supervisors.

We have interned Class IV and interned Dianetics auditors with thousands of hours of auditing experience, or you can co-audit to Clear and co-audit your Grades. There are direct, non-stop airplane flights from many North America, Central America and South America cities to Buenos Aires.

Ron's Org Munich

Our Ron’s Org is located in the South-East of Munich. The Ron’s Org Munich will be haveing its 30th anniversary this winter and was a founding member of the Ron’s Org Committee.

We deliver the whole bridge up to OT 16, training and auditing. A staff of five dedicated and well trained  Scientologists are happy to accompany people up the bridge. We work closely together with Ron’s Org Grenchen. Our group consists of all sorts of people: people that were in the Church of Scientology before, people that started their bridge in the Free Zone, people that started completely new in the Ron’s Org. We are very happy to have many young people coming to us and offer special services to them.

If you want to contact us, please refer to Daniela Mikorey, founder and C/O of the Ron’s Org Munich.   Ron’s Org Munich

Ron's Org South Africa

Each step of the road LRH planned out for us is delivered in Johannesburg South Africa, starting with the Grades and Dianetics auditing and up through all the Advanced Levels. At Ron’s Org Advanced Organization South Africa we pick up all those who have completed their Grades and are ready to start on the road to Operating Thetan.

We have a pleasant and safe environment where everyone can move forward on the road to Clear and Operating Thetan with a lot of love and support. It is now possible for anyone to take advantage of the original materials of L. Ron Hubbard without alterations, and without unnecessary financial and mental pressure while studying.

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