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We have embarked upon a project to introduce our readers to Ron’s Orgs around the World. Ron’s Orgs have created a safe space for public to start on The Bridge or to continue their auditing and training. They are the friendliest place in the World to be part of!

We would assure anyone who wants to be certain that auditing and training, as originally devised by LRH, is provided for all who seek a spiritual road to freedom and truth at a Ron’s Org.

The complete Bridge is now available at affordable prices for those who wishes to travel it.

The goal of a Ron’s Org is to freely apply the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard as he originally developed it and as he originally taught and successfully applied the Tech to help others to improve.

View the Ron’s Orgs information by selecting the “About Ron’s Orgs” menu item.





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4 thoughts on “Special Post – Ron’s Orgs”

  1. Hello! A great big thank you Max, Erica and the whole Grenchen team for keeping the Bridge there for us. Without your establishment effort, and determination, we would have been floundering. Plus all others who helped and aided. Your work has kept us going forward and new areas opening up. Jo-Ann.

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