The Confusion of Division 6 (Distribution) Training has been Resolved!

Join participants from 4 Continents for this special Course in Moscow!

Exciting News! Join participants from 4 Continents for this special Course in Moscow on how the “The Confusion of Division 6 (Distribution) Training has been Resolved!”

From 6 April 2019 until 19 April 2019.

You are invited to join us for CORRECT OEC 6 TRAINING. This special course is about 300 pages long (It cannot be compared with the 900 pages from the 1991 – OEC 6, that was filled with so many non-LRH articles and False Data).

The Course will include False Data Stripping and is a MANUAL OF IMPORTANCE in Distribution.

  • It gives you the basics and shows you the road forward.
  • There are no longer a thousand different possibilities on how to do it, there is just one big stable datum and you take it from there.
  • There will not only be studying of the correct materials but also an exchange of knowledge with others in the Group.
  • On this Course you will have the chance to ask questions and to get them answered.
  • You will learn what are the false data and why and what problems they caused in the past.

The course begins 6 April 2019, 9 am till 19 April 6 pm.

Place Moscow, Russia. We will stay in a hotel in the countryside.

Price: CHF 2000.–

Expenses for the Room and Board: Approximately Euro 600

Prerequisite: BSM (Basic Study Manual) and some basic admin training, like Staff Status II (if in doubt, ask me.) You
can study in English or Russian and pass checkouts. We have the German materials for a good part of the Course.

Please sends your confirmations or ask any questions you have to:

Much love Max

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