The Importance of Training

Now, more than ever is the time to start, or continue your Scientology Training. I think we have all noticed that People and Countries are not becoming saner!

“If you think a trained scientologist is someone who only audits then you have a very limited view of Scientology. The trained Scientologist is today’s cause-point in an embattled world.

The factories, the marts of trade, the Homes, the neighborhoods, these are the place we want trained scientologists applying Scientology Technology. In that way alone we’re on the busy, still healthy communication lines of the world. If we avoid the throbbing communication lines of the world we will not win soon enough as a group.

We want companies functioning better to produce a better civilization. We want races becoming sane and stable assets to their communities. We want neighbourhoods smoothing out.

So, get on the active lines of the world and make your presence felt. It takes training to do it. It takes application of our technology.

 I know what the society needs. I know what the society responds to. I’ve got the data. You and I can do the job which must be done.  We have the technology, and we can do it now. We have been to some degree searching, all of us. Now we can settle down, learn what is known and start applying”
­The Auditor no.49 – “The Value of Training”

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