The Power to Make People Happy

If you make people happy, you can take giant leaps toward your goals. All you need to do is carefully read and use the information.

If you think about it, all your success depends on other people. People can give you opportunities, money, contracts, praise, support, help and advice. They can recommend you to other people who also give you what you need.

People can also stop your success. They can criticize you, oppose you and close down your progress. Even if they do not actively oppose you, they can avoid you, hide your options or simply do nothing for you.

But if you rise to their misemotion you will only make matters worse for yourself and you lose in the end. You are and always will be the cause of any situation you are reacting to, so it is necessary to stop and take an honest look for what you are doing to create such a situation

When you make others happy, you own an important people skill. They want to help you. Even better, making people happy makes you feel great!

However, mastering the skill to making people happy can be difficult.

Does Trying to Change People Make Them Happy?

The answer is definitely “NO”.

Everyone has an identity. It’s what they want to be. You can call it their “beingness.”

Trying to make people change their beingness is a common activity.

Married people often try to change each other’s beingness. This is the road to disaster.

The only way a person will change is by their own recognition of the need of change and their choice and willingness to do so. No amount of force from another will bring about positive change – only bad reactions.

How do you feel when someone tries to change your beingness? Perhaps you feel resentful. You might even want to attack the person. You certainly do not feel happier.

Granting Beingness

The ability to assume or to grant (give, allow) beingness is probably the highest of human virtues.

It is even more important to be able to permit (allow) other people to have beingness than to be able oneself to assume it.

From the works of L Ron Hubbard

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