The Security of Confidence in Yourself

There is no greater feeling than the certainty of self-confidence. The feeling of the certainty of one’s ability, power, the confidence in self after having mastered a particular activity or having accomplished what we set out to achieve. Self-confidence brings about a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do.

“There’s only one security, and when you’ve lost that security, you’ve lost everything you’ve got. And that is the security of confidence in yourself; to be, to create, to make any position you want to make for yourself. And when you lose that confidence, you’ve lost the only security you can have.

And yet a man, as he lives through life, postulates away to himself that self-confidence. Self-confidence is self-determinism. One’s belief in one’s ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he’s got the universe in his pocket. And when he hasn’t got that, not all the pearls in China nor all the grain and corn in Iowa can give him security, because that’s the only security there is.”
L. Ron Hubbard Excerpted from the lecture Postulate Processing delivered on 15 October 1951.

It is not always easy to keep the self-confidence going. This universe has all the tricks and traps to kick you in your teeth and knock you down!

However, sometimes acting in a selfish manner becomes confused with the true definition of “Self-determinism”.

“Your self-determinism depends upon your ability to tolerate the actions of others or to direct them at will.

It depends upon your ability to have charity towards your fellow men.

It depends upon your ability, when in a position of trust, to demonstrate mercy.”
The Hope of Man (Ability Minor 5) – June 1955

To be confidently “Self-determined” while taking full responsibility for the effect your actions and decisions may have on others across the dynamics takes positive confront.

Per the “Two Rules to Happy Living” from “New Slant on Life

  1. “Be able to experience anything.”
  2. “Cause only those things which others can experience easily.”

“To be happy, one must be able to confront, which is to say, experience, those things that are.

Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.

Hence, 1. “Be able to experience anything.”

“The effect side of life deserves great consideration. The self-caused side also deserves examination.

To create only those effects which others could easily experience gives us a clean new rule of living. For, if one does this, then what might he do that he must withhold from others? There is no reason to withhold his own actions or regret them (same thing), if one’s own actions are easily experienced by others.

This is a sweeping test (and definition) of good conduct— to do only those things which others can experience.”

But the wonder of Scientology is that whatever takes one down there is the Technology to straighten the Being out and get back the self-confidence that sometimes feels like it will never return!

“Whenever man finds himself deeply instilled, engrossed, surrounded with mystery, he is actually in conflict with himself and himself alone.  That is why processing works.  The only aberration is denial of self. 

Nobody else can do anything to you but you.  That is a horrible state of affairs.  You can do something to you, but it requires your postulate, your agreement or your disagreement, before anything can happen to you.  People have to agree to be ill; they have to agree to be stupid; they have to agree to be in mystery. “People are the victims of their own flinch. They are the victims of their own postulates, the victims of their own belief that they are inadequate.

“An individual has to postulate into existence his own aberration, his own flinch, his own stupidity, his own lack of confidence and his own bad luck.”
LRH, “A New Slant on Life”, pages 30-31

The above can be hard to accept but it is amazing what unravels as the Process is run and the person starts up the road to certainty!

“Self-determinism is that state of being where in the individual, according to his own choice, can or cannot be controlled by his environment.

Then the individual has self-confidence in his control of the material universe and other organisms along every dynamic.

He is confident about any and all abilities or talents he may possess, and confident in his interpersonal relationships.

He reasons but does not need to react. He has ability to direct himself.”
Advanced Procedures & Axioms – Page 53


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