The Third Dynamic

The Third Dynamic is the Group Dynamic. The definition of a group is;A collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of camaraderie, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. A group is a set of people, organizations, or things which are considered together because they have something in common”.

The Third Dynamic is not in great shape on this Planet. Listening and watching the news channels we continually hear of unrest war and betrayal within and between opposing groups. Things are definitely not as they should be. The way things are stacked up on this planet it appears that just by starting a group you are inviting opposition from another group. We cannot ignore our responsibilities as a group member and it is our duty to support and assist the group we have decided to be part of.

But how to choose what group to be part of? Here I think we have to apply the rule of ensuring that one is a part of a group that provides; “The greatest good over the greatest number of Dynamics”. LRH has given us this as a tool of evaluation that is hugely helpful in assisting us to make a decision.

“Now, A GROUP GOAL is a very necessary thing if your group is going to get interested and go forward. A person’s cause is motivated by future. Motivation is in the future. It’s ‘What do I want?’ That’s cause. And if it’s interesting, it sort of pulls us forward to it.”  Ron Hubbard, from The Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture “Games-Goals”

 From time to time very special individuals rise up to carry the Third Dynamic forward.

The Third Dynamic and the First Dynamic can operate together, but you have to have very able people on the First Dynamic in order to operate a smooth third Dynamic operation. TECHNIQUE 88 – INCIDENTS ON THE TRACK BEFORE EARTH DISK 14 – ACQUISITION OF BODIES –  Band 3: pages 357-8


 “If you were willing to take responsibility for others than yourself         … you had no fear of other things       … and you were taking responsibility for other people … willing to do that … you would spread a mantle over these people which would protect them too. And that’s a third dynamic.” ABILITY CONGRESS – Lecture 7 – Pages 235 RESPONSIBILITY –  HOW TO CREATE A THIRD DYNAMIC

There is an enormous amount of data by LRH on the setting up, running and managing groups.

In order to get a group you have to serve the individual. … If we springboard off the first dynamic we can possibly get a third dynamic. …  How do you create a non-existent third dynamic? … You have to appeal to the individual; you have to show him that he can be served.  In order to show him that he can be served, you have to show him that he’s in some danger.  This will be his first cognition. Page 138: ABILITY CONGRESS – Lecture 5 – CREATING A THIRD DYNAMIC

Third Dynamic – Responsibility

 …what is the responsibility an individual has when he knows something? …  Does he have any responsibility at all?

… there are seven more dynamics.  The ratio is seven to one that he better tell somebody about it.

If he sees a society or a culture going downhill, and he simply sits back on a spectator basis and watches it go downhill, although he himself has an intimate stock in it, has a good share of it himself, then I’m afraid that he is not carrying forward his social responsibilities to himself, just to himself, much less the rest of the dynamics.  It’s not possible to sit back that way. WASHINGTON CONGRESS ON ANTI-RADIATION & CONFRONT – Lecture 7 PROJECT THIRD DYNAMIC – Pages 188 – 9      

… Now there isn’t a choice, unfortunately, for thee and me of, “Well, let’s just sit back and what to see how it all goes.”  We’ve known for years the wrong thing to do about anything.  We may not know the right thing to do, but by golly, we know the wrong thing to do about any given circumstance or situation, and that’s to do nothing. WASHINGTON CONGRESS ON ANTI-RADIATION & CONFRONT – Lecture 7 PROJECT THIRD DYNAMIC – Page 190       

Now this is a horrible view, because it presupposes a tremendous amount of busybodiness and activity on the part of an individual.  But if you want to know why things are off the wheels so far, look how many times nothing was done!  And add up in the last seventy-six trillion years all the times nothing was done, and you’ve got the exact problem you have at this minute!  You abandoned control and responsibility and communication with!  You got problems, lots of them. WASHINGTON CONGRESS ON ANTI-RADIATION & CONFRONT – Lecture 7 PROJECT THIRD DYNAMIC – Page 191

This is such a vital subject that we are devoting quite a few LRH quotes to it. We are going to be involved with groups as long as we are operating in this or any other universe. As Scientologists, Ron’s Org members it is vital that we contribute to and keep working towards creating the most successful group possible.

A true group is one which has ideals, ethics, rationale and a dynamic to carry forth its ideals and rationale on the ethics standard it has selected. Just as the analytical mind safeguards its individual cells in the body, so does a group safeguard the individuals within its membership. The individuals of the group support it just as the cells work to support the body and the analytical mind…

All groups must have goals. Only the deterioration of the goals of the group or the reaching of all the goals of the group can bring about the decline of the group or the individuals within it. It is therefore incumbent upon any group to have a postulated set of goals which are continuing goals; to have a major goal which cannot be reached all in a breath but also to have minor goals which go in progression toward major goals which go in progression towards super-major goals.

The group has the perfect right to demand the help, life or, in a continuing sense, the energy and devotion of any member of the group. Any member of the group has the right to demand the most and highest level of the ideals, rationale and ethics of the group and to demand that these be maintained. A true group owes to its individual members their livelihood and a chance for their future generations. The members must not deny to the group its right to expand and perpetuate itself but must contribute fully and wholly to these.

An individual has the right to contribute to the group and the group has the right to expect every individual to contribute to it to his maximum ability and energy. The individual has the right to expect to be contributed to from the group and for the group to safeguard him insofar as is possible in the maintenance of the group and the reaching by the group of its goals. Group Auditing DN Auditor’s Bulletin – JAN 1951 Vol I page 87 – 88

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  1. In the sixties we were a great group. I loved the talks individuals such as Peter Green gave. I loved the friendships that were made. I loved the excitement we all experienced when Ron released a new piece of tech and learning how to use it properly. I loved the simplicity of most of the auditing we did and the amazing results that were often achieved. Yes we often had incredible wins and I thank LRH for having got me onto this bridge which I continue today in a Ron’s Org. My wins remain incredible.

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