The Value of Being a Trained Auditor

Why study anything? To survive in this Universe at this time it is necessary to become adept in the handling of it. Well how do you do that? You study science, engineering, physics and pottery … and so on, so you can work with and manipulate the MEST (Matter – Energy – Space Time) of it.

However, beings and bodies are also involved in this Universe. So, this also needs to be understood so that it can be handled. Now on this side of things we can enter a labyrinth of misinformation, confusion and false data. So why study Scientology? Well it is a structured subject that does not rely on belief to produce a result. Run a process, apply a condition and a correct and specific result will occur, IF CORRECTLY APPLIED.

So how do we ensure the correct result will occur for others and ourselves as we travel the road to greater survival as Beings?

“A professional Scientologist is one who expertly uses Scientology on any area or level of the society.  ….

A trained Scientologist is not a doctor. He is someone with special knowledge in the handling of life. ….. The factories, the marts of trade, the homes, the neighbourhoods.        …”

These are the places we want trained Scientologists. …  get on the active lines of the world and make your presence felt. …

“It takes tough Academy training to make a Scientologist, so don’t go at it half armed. …”  Ref: HCO B 10 June 60 – What we expect of a Scientologist.

Well, the truth is that we will remain at risk of sinking into the pitfalls of life if we don’t know how to handle them. LRH stresses this point and highlights it as follows …

“If one knows the Tech of how to do something and can do it, and uses it, he cannot be the adverse effect of it.” L Ron Hubbard – Your Post and Life – OEC Volume 0

“While the Solo Auditor’s Course is very good, smart preclears and smart Dianetic Clears take other courses before they get to an AO and then they are sure to make OT more easily.”      LRH ED 301 INT  RON’S Journal 30 17 Dec 1978

Further, Ron states …

“What I have learned is that cases do not progress beyond their Scientology education level. This has made a great difference. A case hangs right at the point to which it has been educated in Scientology. Processing gains are parallel to education gains and the two balance. Fifty percent of a case gain is from processing, fifty percent from training. . . .

. . .“It’s quite impossible to go to OT without a full knowledge of OT processes and an ability to audit them. That was the main point that emerged. But similarly, nobody gets past lower levels as a case without a knowledge of them. This was the main hang up in cases—lack of education in Scientology.”

To continue along the road successfully and get the full gains we seek, training is essential. So, get trained, very well trained, it is vital and so worth it.

Seeing the whole training cycle half of the Chart continue blank means that much more ignorance and trouble for the pc in making his gains stably.” LRH PROGRAMMING CASES – HCOB 12 June 1970

 “So therefore, an auditor who is not trained in the basics of Scientology is somebody who has no methodology. And you can absolutely count on the fact that as the decades march along, Scientology would go exactly the same route of the Spanish Inquisition.

And any Central Organization or group of Scientologists anywhere in the world will move directly and immediately over into the same frame of mind with regard to pcs and the society and their job and everything else, if they themselves do not know that they have basic tools that helps people talk. It is so simple.

… Now, Scientology is the first track area that has ever been which could form a mores which did not result in destruction. But it can only do this if Scientologists know their business. It would inevitably sicken and die the moment that nobody could assist anybody to talk. Then they could only make people guilty.”    LRH 17 Oct 1961 Problems Intensive Procedure

And finally, a really, good reason to get well trained …

“Most Scientologists have as their only nightmare, kicking off and not being able to remember Scientology. That would be a rough one.

“But I can already assure you that people when they back out of their heads, when they’ve been trained, they don’t forget it. …

“And I’ll assure you of something. You can’t remember something you don’t know anything about. It’s pretty hard to do.” — L. Ron Hubbard Excerpted from the lecture “The Whole Answer to the Problems of The Mind” delivered on 1 January 1961.




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