Two Reasons Why People May Dislike You


Two Reasons Why People May Dislike You

When people do not like you, they ignore you, disagree with you or attack you. They do not help you succeed.

To make people like you, you might take extra showers, get a haircut and buy new clothes. Yet they still do not like you.

Even when you tell them how important you are, they still do not like you. Why?

Reason #1

“Asserting one’s own importance is about as acceptable as a dead cat at a wedding.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Do you know someone who tells you how popular or important he or she is? Do you admire and respect this person?

To be more successful, you must use this idea in reverse. Instead of making yourself seem important, make others feel important. As a result, they feel good and want to be around you.

Certain people are very sensitive about their importance. They get upset, angry, even violent if you treat them with disrespect; with less importance than they feel they deserve. In many cases, the less money, skill or power people have, the greater their need to feel important.

Giving or granting importance to others is a skill you can use to boost goodwill and cooperation. When you make people feel important, they trust you, believe you and like you. They are happy to help you be more successful.

Reason #2

“Ignore people at your peril.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Do you know someone who walks with their nose in the air? Who walks by you as if you do not exist? How does this person make you feel?

You can ruin your success if you ignore people. For example, if you ignore the spouse of your boss, you might be demoted. If you ignore a waitress, your food might taste funny. If you ignore someone who works for you, you might suddenly find a long, deep scratch on your car.

Contrary to what you may have learned as a teenager, if you ignore people, they do not admire and respect you. Instead, they despise and hate you. Arrogance does not earn you popularity, power or expertise.

Noticing people is not only good manners, it shows the kind of person you are.

For example, Joe is going to the most important job interview in his career. He walks into the high-rise building like a big shot and gets into the elevator to go to the 30th floor. As the elevator doors close, a woman rushes up, but she can’t make it as Joe just ignores her. He does not like overweight women. So of course, while waiting in the fancy lobby on the 30th floor, the overweight woman comes out to give Joe the interview.

Never assume anyone is unimportant.


“People have value and are important. Big or small they are important.” — L. Ron Hubbard

  1. Instead of making yourself seem important, make other people feel important. Treat everyone you meet as a VIP.
  2. Notice everyone you see. Give them your full attention and really listen to them.

Noticing people and making them feel important is essential to your success. They want to help you, to support you, to be on your side.

Notice everyone. Automatically respect them. They will like you.

With practice, you can notice people and make them feel important, with just a glance.

Try it today!


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