Understanding People Better

It is so important to be able to recognise a person’s tone level when working with them. So here is another great explanation of how a person’s Tone level affects their behavior towards others around them from Ron:

“All along the tone scale, any facet of human behavior can be so evaluated. And as a matter of fact, when a person knows this subject very well, he doesn’t need a chart.

All he needs to know is the working principles of it, and he can extrapolate for his own use at any moment about what somebody at some level will do about anything. And he will know enough about various things and by observation to know immediately when he is talking to a person who is fixedly and chronically at some level of the tone scale

” If the danger is a long way away, and as long as a fellow is safe from danger, he would just as soon laugh at it.”
 “If a person is threatened by something that is all non-survival, on being threatened with danger, a person goes right down the line.”

But much depends on where a person is sitting on the Tone Scale when faced with a real ‘Loss’ or ‘Threatened Loss’.

“You find out that this list of things sums up at the bottom to death; apathy is the closest thing to it, then grief above that (which is loss accomplished); above that is fear of loss, anger to combat a loss that might take place, antagonism toward a source that might occasion a loss, and then we go on up the line until we get a high level of survival.”

All References from “ARC AND THE TONE SCALE” – an LRH Lecture given on 4th November 1950

Most importantly, we need to master our own reactions because destructive emotions can be extremely upsetting. Others can be badly affected by an open display of bad or contra-survival emotion. It inevitably poses some sort of threat to those who witness it.

And by learning to spot and master other people’s Tone Levels we are in a stronger position to handle them and so enable both ourselves and others to lead happier lives.

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