Why this Blog?

The purpose of the Blog is to bring to you, and highlight the original works of L Ron Hubbard. Anything you find posted here will have been taken from the era prior to the gross alteration of his original works that took place after the early eighties.

There are thousands of people who, over the last many years have had their lives changed for the better through the use of the original Technology of L Ron Hubbard.

This has occurred where the Auditing and Administrative Technology has been CORRECTLY used and applied. We say CORRECTLY applied as there have been many miss-applications, altered applications and incorrect applications over the years; both intentional and unintentional always resulting in failure.

The purpose of this Blog is to focus on unaltered Standard Technology, and to promote this as broadly as possible

We are all deeply indebted to LRH who through a lifetime of research and study has given Beings tools to use to change, for the better, their own lives and lives of others. There are many in the Independent Field currently achieving the wins and improvement as LRH originally intended.

So what does LRH have to say about the situation we could find ourselves in?  Here is an exert from a 1961 Technical Bulletin ……

…”So therefore, an auditor who is not trained in the basics of Scientology is somebody who has no methodology. And you can absolutely count on the fact that as the decades march along, Scientology would go exactly the same route of the Spanish Inquisition. And any Central Organization or group of Scientologists anywhere in the world will move directly and immediately over into the same frame of mind with regard to pcs and the society and their job and everything else, if they themselves do not know that they have basic tools that make people talk. It is so simple.

……Now, Scientology is the first track area that has ever been which could form a mores which did not result in destruction. But it can only do this if Scientologists know their business. It would inevitably sicken and die the moment that nobody could make anybody talk. Then they could only make people guilty”.
17 October 1961 Problems Intensive Procedure

Hence you see the need for a site that assists those on this Planet who have chosen to forward LRH’s original and pure work and the results obtainable therefrom.

So we hope you will visit us often and you can expect to see many original LRH writings presented for you to use in life, and also some data on those groups around the planet who truly attempt to forward a greater freedom for Man as originally envisaged by LRH.

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