What is a Stable Datum?

There is so much information, data, rules, laws, false data, fake news … and so it goes! Growing up in the modern world is no easy task! Before The Third Industrial Revolution, (The Third Industrial Revolution was the rise of digital technology. The digital revolution is the shift from mechanical and analogue electronic technology to digital electronics which began anywhere from the late 1950s to the late 1970s with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping that continues to this day), Life was far more straightforward; our stable data on life and living came from, essentially, our parents, from school and the local church. From the start of the Third Industrial Revolution, and onwards, the world around us fundamentally changed. The vast amount of information available to an individual makes it very difficult to sort out ones values.

Scientology provides essential stable data for a person and the techniques to evaluate data. (The Data Evaluators Course is a must for anyone who has not done it).

As we have mentioned on other occasions Scientology is not a “belief system”, as LRH says, “If it is true for you it is true”. But to discover what is true (for you) or not requires a study of our subject so that false data can be spotted and replaced by true data.

As Ron urges us in the excerpt below; “Know your basics”…

“An arbitrary is a false order or datum entered into a situation or group.  It is third dynamic aberration.

“An arbitrary is something entered without reason.  For the tech on this I refer you to Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science.  It is a fascinating subject, arbitraries….

“Stable data is the other side of the coin.  An arbitrary could be said to be a false stable datum….

“Know your basics.  They’re in our very oldest books.  All advances have been in how to handle basics better.

“Applies to pcs and to organizations alike….
LRH, HCO PL 16 April 1970 Issue III, “Arbitraries”, OEC volume 0, page 65

It is extremely easy to get caught up in the world of fake news, arbitraries and false datum. But this is a tricky one as we can adopt false datum that we think is a sound “stable datum” in order to handle a confusion. How do we handle these stable data that are in fact an aberration? The very best solution is to have auditing, move up the bridge and study the Tech of Scientology.

“Aberration, anybody’s aberration on any subject, has been of some use to them at some time or other.  You can trace it back.  It’s been of some use; otherwise they wouldn’t keep mocking it up.  But now, if you put it up against survival standards, you’d find it very non-survival.

“The pc adopted this because he couldn’t stand the confusion in a situation.  So he adopted a safe solution.  A safe solution is always adopted as a retreat from the environmental restimulation.  He adopted a safe solution in that instance and he survived.  His safe solution became his stable datum.  He has hung onto it ever since.  It is the computation, the fixed idea, he uses to handle life, his service facsimile….

“An idea is the thing most easily substituted for a thetan. An idea doesn’t have any mass connected with it basically.  And it appears to have some wisdom in it so it’s very easily substituted for a thetan. Thus, the idea, the stable datum he has adopted, is substituted for the thetan.

“How does this stable datum become so fixed?  It gets fixed, and more and more firmly as time goes on, by the confusion it is supposed to handle but doesn’t.

“The stable datum was adopted in lieu of inspection.  The person ceased to inspect, he fell back from inspecting, he fell back from living.  He put the datum there to substitute for his own observation and his own coping with life, and at that moment he started an accumulation of confusion.
LRH, HCOB 5 Sept 78 “Anatomy of a Service Facsimile”, Technical Bulletins volume XI, pages 232-233

Making decisions when in a condition of confusion can be very unwise, understand what LRH is saying below and when out of the confused condition it could be a good idea to examine the decisions made!

“A confusion can be defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution.   More broadly, a confusion in this universe is random motion….

“Confusion is the basic cause of stupidity.  To the stupid all things except the very simple ones are confused.  Thus if one knew the anatomy of confusion, no matter how bright one might be, he would be brighter….

“Ninety-nine percent of all education fails, when it fails, on the grounds that the student was confused….

“Until one selects one datum, one factor, one particular in a confusion of particles, the confusion continues.  The one thing selected and used becomes the stable datum for the remainder.

“Any body of knowledge, more particularly and exactly, is built from one datum.  That is its stable datum.”
LRH, The Problems of Work [1956], pages 20-22

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  1. I have used LRH”S Tech, particularly the KRC and ARC triangles as my building blocks in all the games I have played this lifetime and in some cases still playing. I came across this tech in 1957 and it has stood me in good stead ever since. It has been my stable datum in playing the game of life. Thank you Ron.


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