What is confrontingness?

A real understanding of what “CONFRONTING” means and its importance in Life! By LRH…

By the way, about a year or so ago, I ran several sessions exactly using the TRs, not varying one hair on the TRs, you  know. Doing each part of the auditing session perfectly,  you know, right down the groove. Total TRs, see. PC got  twice as well. Well, anyhow…

What it required – what it required to use this technique was undoubtedly an understanding which engulfed even me. So, let’s go on with this and take a look at what it was. Today we will call it by a name, and you will hear more of this today. It’s called confrontingness. You’ll hear a great deal of this subject of confrontingness. As a matter of fact, the whole theory of auditing can be derived from and based on this thing called confrontingness.

Very interesting – very interesting subject. It’s TR 0. That’s the first thing you ask a student who is learning to be an auditor to do. First thing you ask him to do is actually almost the answer to everything. It weaves in as every – is part of every single TR. If you don’t have TR 0 running – which is confrontingness, confronting the pc – running at the same time you have TR 2, which is acknowledgment, you don’t get any TR 2. It’s as easy as this, you see. TR 0 is part of each other thing.

And so, it becomes part of everything there is in the mind. It becomes a datum really of comparable magnitude to survival. It’s a great big important datum, confrontingness. Now, you can think at this moment of two or three things which you wouldn’t want to have to confront in the next couple seconds. Think of some. Think of something that you really hate to confront in the next couple or seconds. You got some?

Audience: Yes.

You thought of some?

Audience: Yes.

Aw, there’s a couple of you dogging off here. I don’t permit that. All right. Now, you have got a couple of things, hm?

Audience: Yes.

Why? Come on, let’s think this thing over again. Why? Why would you hate to confront these things?

Now look, I’m talking about you, not your ornaments. All Thetans walk around carrying an ornament known as a body, and they put ornaments on it known as clothes. Now that they’ve put clothes on it, Freudian psychoanalysis works sometimes. They collect odds and ends and bits and pieces They use hire purchase and keep collecting things, you know? They collect cuff links and earrings and gold teeth. Girl up in the Klondike one time collected totally diamond teeth all the way across the front. She wanted a flashing smile, and she got one.

Now, think of those things now that you thought that you wouldn’t like to confront. Now, why wouldn’t you like to confront them? Now, is it true that you – that you couldn’t confront them? Or would it be that if you, as a body, confronted them with your diamond teeth and your clothes and your ornaments and that sort of thing, you’d go poof, or something would happen to you. Isn’t that correct?

Audience: Yes.

It’s the ornament that would get hurt, right? And because you’re busily protecting the ornament, you, by various considerations, would hurt like hell, probably. Isn’t that, right?

Audience: Yeah.

Huh? So, this hurting like the dickens would keep you immediately informed of the fact that you weren’t protecting the diamond bracelet, see? You get the idea?

Audience: Yes.

It’s a warning mechanism. You’d say, “This robot which I carry around is so valuable that I will have an advance warning system which when anything taps it which would destroy it, if it kept on, I will hurt.

“Do you know that a body never hurts? It’s just you that hurts. Next time you have a toothache, don’t make the mistake of saying the tooth is aching. If you knew the truth of the matter, a tooth can’t hurt. How do you know the tooth is hurting? You hurt! And until you realize that you hurt so you’ll be warned about losing one of your diamond teeth.

I don’t know why you had diamond teeth put in, as a matter of fact! But this – it’s mystifying.

Anyway, it’s not that tooth that is hurting at all. See, it’s your idea of that tooth that is hurting. And you’ve got it all rigged up gorgeously. Boy, vias, machinery, zig-zag circuits, lights, flashing lights, you know! Bells, small sirens. Gets a little hole in it, your automaticity says, “We’re about to lose a tooth.” So, you accommodatingly hurt. I think that’s nice or you.

Listen to the complete lecture – “The Origin of Aberration” – London Clearing Congress Lectures by L. Ron Hubbard LCC-3 – 5810C18 “CONFRONTING” A lecture given on 18 October 1958

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  1. What an interesting lecture. I love the part of the body being your ornament. I’m still working my whits around “it’s not your tooth that is hurting, it is your that’s hurts. Hmm! interesting.

    Thank you Alan.


  2. Fascinating. I especially noticed the part about how this principle of confrontingness is of comparable magnitude to survival itself.


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