What is this thing called ‘stress’?

Suppression of communication as to whom we may or may not communicate with, … Suppression of ideas… when you interact with religious, political, social groups, etc.; you will soon find out how far the suppression of ideas and thoughts goes!

I don’t think that Scientologists, in general, realize the extent to which our philosophy protects and assists us with the recognition and handling of suppression. Compared with the billions of people on this planet we are in a good position to understand what is happening, and where possible do something about it.

“If all the problems we faced were only ours, we could of course simply audit them out.  But we exist in a third and fourth dynamic which is not merely aberrated but quite batty.  This thrusts problems on us (finance, international ignorance and intolerance, religious and psychiatric cults, suppressive governments, retarded or misused scientific technology, lack of human dignity and a host of other factors).

“We exist, therefore, in a rather madly tossing sea, beset by numerous counter-currents.

“As we grow, we can remove vicious causes that make our problems problems.”
LRH, HCOPL 24 Dec 66 I, “How to Program an Org, Saint Hill Programs”, Management Series volume 3, page 347

Recognition of how suppression works can help all of us make the Second and third Dynamics survive better.

“Any of the dynamics may be suppressed in two ways.  The first is the suppression which says ‘No!’  A person who has been told since he was a child that he was worth nothing, that he was no good and that he would never be able to do anything is likely to have little or no first dynamic.  The first dynamic changes polarity and points toward death.  This person is capable of committing suicide, unless he is very strong on the third dynamic and can live for the group.  He may, however, needlessly sacrifice his life for the group….

“The second way of suppressing a dynamic is by enforcement.  ‘You’ve got to be a good girl!  You have to amount to something!  We expect you to be a credit to your family!  After a few years of such commanding, the girl who has been forced to be a great credit to her family is unable to do anything.  She has been interfered with.”
LRH, “All Possible Aberrations”, Supplement No. 1 to Science of Survival, Sept. 51, Technical Bulletins volume 1 page 222

We do have the Technology to handle suppression.

“What is this thing called ‘stress’?  It is more than the medico defines it he usually says it comes from operational or physical shock and in this he has too limited a view.

“A person under stress is actually under a suppression on one or more dynamics.

“If that suppression is located and the person handles or disconnects, the condition diminishes.  If he also has all the engrams and ARC breaks, problems, overts and withholds audited out Triple Flow and if ALL such areas of suppression are thus handled, the person would recover from anything caused by ‘stress.’

“Usually, the person has insufficient understanding of life or any dynamic to grasp his own situation.  He is confused.  He believes all his illnesses are true because they occur in such heavy books!”
LRH, “Stable Data for Handling the PTS”, from “Introduction to Scientology Ethics”, page 189

Also …

“The enturbulence of the society around us is fantastic.  There is no civil law left, really.  It is that lawless and disorderly condition in the society about us which makes it hard for us to work….

“A Scientologist who fails to use Scientology technology and its administrative and justice procedures on the world around him will continue to be too enturbulated to do his job.”
LRH, HCOPL 27 March 1965, “The Justice of Scientology, Its Use and Purpose, Being a Scientologist”, OEC volume 1, page 939-940

We might not be able to save the World in its entirety, but we can certainly make our corner of the Planet a better place! We have the Technology to do something about these situations; we are enlightened on this and should assist others where we can.

Also remember that …

“A SUPPRESSIVE IS ALWAYS A PERSON, A BEING OR A GROUP OF BEINGS. A suppressive is not a condition, a problem, a postulate.”

LRH – HCOB 24 November 1965 – Search and Discovery

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